Vor Ihro Kayserliche Majestät hab ich, wie immer, schuldigen Respect. Er aber, sags ihm, er kann mich im Arsch lecken.

As always, I duely respect His Imperial Majesty. But he, tell him, he can lick my ass.

Götz von Berlichingen (1480 – 1563), German imperial knight (quote attributed to him by Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

Silver Thorn Dragon Master, Mystic Luquier

G-FC01/019 RRR 銀の茨の神竜使い ミスティック・ルキエ Silver Thorn Dragon Master, Mystic Luquier
"銀の茨(シルバーソーン)は秘密の約束。 貴方は一夜の夢を見る。 (The Silver Thorns are a secret promise. That you’ll have a dream that lasts all night.)"
Grade 4 / G Unit / Dark Zone - Pale Moon - Elf
Power 15000+
Shield N/A
Critical 1
[Stride] (Unleashed if both player’s Vanguards are Grade 3 or higher!) - Stride Step - [Select 1 or more cards from your hand, as long as their combined Grade is 3 or more, discard it] This face-down card [Stride]s onto your [Vanguard Circle].
[Activate] [[Vanguard Circle]] [Once Per Turn]: [Choose 2 of your Rearguards, place them into your Soul] If you have a Heart Card with “Luquier” in its card name, [Soul Charge](2) Cards, then choose up to 2 cards in your Soul with “Silver Thorn” in their card name, then call them to separate [Rearguard Circle]s.

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Kylie out in West Hollywood

Kylie out in West Hollywood


#tbt…. the first picture was just over a year ago… like by a few days…. I am evolving… and i really really miss my shoulder length and longer hair, I really hope that it grows back fast… also… my uh makeup has gotten alootttt better, like my face in general has like who the fuck is in that first pic let’s be real. what the actual fuck

Erken uyanmak bende kafa yaptı.

2 saat 40 dakika sonra açıp notlarının yüzüne bile bakmadığım dersten sınavım var fakat ben tam olarak “YAAAA OLUUUĞM HAYAT ÇOK GÜZEL YA DÜNYAYI ÇOK SEVİYOM YAAA” modunda yayıla yayıla mısır gevreğimi yiyorum. Birazdan kalkıp dans ederek hazırlanacağım ve yağmur sağanağa dönüşmezse okula yürüyerek gideceğim. Muhtemelen acı gerçekle hoca kağıtları dağıtırken falan yüzleşirim, orayı henüz öngöremedim.

what's going on with götzeus?

Hey guys you know now about gotzeus situation lately.

I know this is becoming repetitive but something is going on we are trying to figure out.
really can not explain what’s going on, but has many speculations or explanations attempts. as: Rivalry for the Classic in the Bundesliga, privacy …
is it really that old friendship over?
I swear I feel desolate because being a fan of the two together.
We stayed for days waiting for this moment and only one photo was submitted to us (in which Mario as ever since leaving Borussia unsmiling)

we had a few moments of gotzeus. but with the coolness in the air.

in practice Marco spent more time with Andrew and Mesut, As Mario spent time with Holger

I realized who in a recent image of Marco sadness that really intrigued me to write this. is he not entindo well surrounded by the teammates?

hope this is only a silly impression, I hope this gets well, because I can not stand so much pressure.