SiHae In Manila Fan Account: Welcome to Donghae Country

okay so I’ll try to make this as short as possible, so I’m gonna write this in bullet form kekeke ~

  • arrived shortly after TriNoma opened its doors, the 7-hour wait is on.
  • met up with depolarized, gyuhyeons and siwohandro :) shixians came in late eukyangkyang ~
  • by noon, the place was already jumping, everyone was singing and dancing to SJ songs being played at the venue.
  • noisy and batshit PhELF. some were amusing, mostly were not. (you know me)
  • all we did while waiting was look for a good spot for perfect fanpics/fancams.
  • 4:00 pm, we almost settled for a pocket corner spot in the 3rd floor until good news came to us. Bench allowed limited number of fans to enter the moshpit — I was one of them! All four of us got in :)
  • got a free ltd. edition SiHae poster from Bench :)
  • few more minutes minutes minutes
  • and then SiHae time
  • Donghae Country. definitely a Donghae Country.
  • It’s “Philliffines” according to Siwon, btw.
  • I swear to God Siwon is not a mortal. my eyes burned out from its sockets.
  • asuxgvasklxkascxaksdjxnaxvaskhcajdh
  • cutiepie Donghae. I’m so glad he was smiling a lot. I had an impression that he terribly missed home and the members :(
  • and I would’ve thanked all the Saints if I knew all of their names — Siwon didn’t have his hair brushed up. I AM SO DAMN TIRED OF THAT LOOK. I want ponytail/long hair Siwon back. His SiHae In Manila look is definitely my favorite Siwon look ♥
  • took decent fancams but I can’t say they’re GIF worthy. most of the time they’re shaky or out of focus coz my arms and neck were really hurting. and sometimes I went a little batshit too but I really tried to focus on getting good shots.
  • I had this weird feeling of not being that much starstruck anymore — maybe because I’ve seen SJ twice and Siwon 4 times? and I see them all the time on my computer screen? so yeah. that was kinda.. weird.
  • they mentioned something about SS5 lots of times but I really couldn’t hear anything from the translator coz everybody were just going nuts since they first appeared on stage :/
  • until Prince Manager came out
  • Siwon nugu? lol
  • Prince Manager was so fucking attractive yesterday. He was wearing a grey shirt, I think it was a v-neck shirt, not really sure. BUT THE WAY HE CHEWED HIS GUM WAS MOTHERFUCKING GANGSTER. MAFIA. TRIAD. YAKUZA. ASHXBASDGXVALJKH I ended up with a Prince Manager fancam for myself.
  • lucky fangirls and boys getting signed shirts, posters and limited edition high fives and hand shakes. and then there’s this one girl that pissed me off. Siwon was first in line (from where the fans lined up for signed shirts were coming from) but she hurriedly shook Hae’s hand, leaving Siwon embarrassed, sticking his hand out for a handshake, the girl didn’t even bother look until Siwon was all like “helllooo I’m here too” what a… I don’t know. I know she’s DH-biased but why would she pass Siwon out like that. I just stared at her back forever until she left the stage.
  • I’m extra nice today while writing this fan account, so no mean things to be mentioned :)
  • except Prince Manager is a bad-ass mothefucker
  • then it’s fanservice time :) Siwon said “Maganda” ((You’re) Beautiful) and “Mahal ko kayo” (I love you all) You can imagine how we reacted to that. Siwon just told me I’m pretty, so I’ll forever bank on it. Donghae said “Namimiss kita” (I am missing you) and “Mahal ko kayo” too. *SEIZURE MODE YEOROBEUN*
  • "goodbye stage" :( the event only lasted for about 30 minutes. I dont know why.
  • went home super tired. but extremely happy ^^

gyuhyeon said:

if you think luke pasqualino is hot you should watch snowpiercer he's really badass and hot in it. although, you should just watch snowpiercer anyway for teh cevans

aw shit you’re so right

time to download snowpiercer

gyuhyeon said:

hello space princess faye ;3; we haven't talked in a really long time but you've always been really lovely to me. i think you're an amazing person, incredibly strong, and i believe you can get through anything!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) ♡

Thank you so much ;;;;;;;;;; this is so lovely ;a;