So a week ago my Mom surprised me by grabbing a copy of Skyrim that was on sale at Best Buy for like 20 bucks less than full price.

And I was all like

And apparently according to, since then, I’ve played it for over 38 hours… in a week… I really need a friggn’ job. My character is a Wood Elf Thief named Aledir with white hair and awesome war paint. Initially I thought I was going to side with the Stormcloak Rebellion as apposed to the Imperials because Empires in just about everything ever are the bad guys. Maybe its the natural contempt for authority that we all have or something. So I when I had to make the choice to go with Hadvar the Imperial Soldier or Ralof the Super-Nice-Honorable-Family-Man, obviously I went with Ralof with every intention of rising up against those Imperial buttheads. (Pardon my foul language.) But as I played and came closer to joining the Stormcloaks, I realized how much of an A-hole their leader Ulfric Stormcloak was. So then the opportunity arrose to join the Imperial Legion and so I went to check it out to see if they were actually likable people and I gotta say, the Empire was the clear choice. I joined the Empire.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Dragons. Dungeons. Loading Screens. Loot. Armor. Enemies. Loading Screens. Swords. Blood. Dead wolves all over Skyrim. Towns. Freezing Loading Screens. Axes. Glitches. Potions. Magic. Gold.  Blah. Blah. Blah.

So yeah just recently it started glitching here an there and freezing like a harsh Winnipeg winter day. Luckily it stopped, but what more do you expect from a massive open world game by Bethesda… on the Xbox.

Well that’s it for my banter, off to play more Skyrim! #IBadlyNeedAJob