Friday, April 19th, 2013 – Daylight Industries

Initially, I hadn’t planned on going anywhere this night, however Daylight Industries announced rather last minute that they had a gig at The Boiler Room in Dallas this fine Friday, and since I hadn’t seen the band in about ten months, it was high time I saw another show of theirs.

It was more of a unique night for me, though, because aside from them, all the other bands were new to me, and anymore, at least with the shows I go to, I’m used to being familiar with all the acts. This was a nice change of pace, though, and I was looking forward to seeing what the other bands were like.

First up was a newer band out of Dallas by the name 26 Locks. So new in fact that this was only their second live performance, an interesting fact I didn’t find out until after their set.

Performancewise, they did start out a little slow, though at that time, I assumed that was just how they were, however I loved the first song they did and they immediately had my full attention. In fact, they seemed to have the attention of everyone who was in the club at the time, even though it was just a handful of people. With a few drumbeats Jeff Fendley patched them right into their next song, and over the course of it and the next two they continued to find their find their groove, loosening up more and more, while Catrina Rincon’s somewhat smoky voice grew more commanding. She set up their next song by saying they were about to take everyone on an adventure. “…A velvet adventure…” she said, speaking of the song which I assume was called “Velvet”, or at least has the word somewhere in its title. The song played out like an odyssey of sorts, starting off a little more serene, and then around the halfway point it exploded. It wasn’t just the song, though, but the band as well, and in this brief moment you saw the whole dynamic change as they hit their stride. Guitarist Jerry Bolden and bassist Brandon Kirkpatrick became a little more aggressive with their playing, while Catrina danced around some during the instrumental breaks. They were an entirely different beast after that song, displaying a little more of a take charge attitude as they cranked out another song before getting to the final one of their 40-minute long set. “…It’s hard to believe, but we already have a song that’s a fan favorite…” said Catrina, who stated the song was called “Danger Dog”. Personally, it wasn’t my favorite of theirs, but it was a badass song nonetheless, and a killer way to end their set.

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