Turkish Romani women who were part of a settlement demolished several days ago in Istanbul.

They were given no other housing or shelter options and were left, homeless, in the harsh winter cold. 

“They came only three days ago and told them to leave. But we didn’t know that [police] would come this morning. They came at 5 a.m. while people were still asleep and destroyed the shacks without giving them enough time to pick up their clothes. Let alone socks, many don’t even have even shoes with them,” Nebahat Bilgiç, the head of a local association to help Roma people, said.

Hanife Bayır, the mother of a small baby, said most of her modest goods remained under the debris. “I don’t even know how I can give my baby what she needs,” she said.

Mother of two and pregnant with her third child, Nefiye Yüksekova pleaded with the authorities to provide them with shelter, even a temporary one. “We just had time to get out from our house with the kids during the demolition. We need somewhere to stay, it is freezing,” she said.

Two interned Roma (Gypsy) boys are forced to play violins for departing and arriving detainees at a camp (possibly Beaune-la-Rolande transit camp or Pithiviers internment camp) in German-occupied France. German soldiers and a French policeman stand behind and watch. The genocide of Roma people in Europe during the war cost the lives approximately 220,000 to 1,500,000, most of whom died in concentration camps, with thousands more interned in camps and ghettos throughout occupied territories. This would become known to the Roma as the Porajmos; meaning “the devouring” or “the destruction” in the Romani language. France. Circa 1940-1944.

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