DACBW 15 Summer

I finished my finals and now just have a 30 page script for Wish to finish. It’s time to start getting into that summer mind set and I’ll let you all know what my plans are. I’ll make blog updates month to month on my situation since a lot is bound to fluctuate but it will be fun to share what I think will be my path and see how it goes. Also happy Free Comic Book day, go find a local comic shop and go get some free comics. 

This is going to be my first summer moved out of my dad’s home. I will be going back for two weeks starting next Thursday. I might break my writing and reading rule for the 5 hour drive and everything I have to do to go back. When i’m there i’ll be a lot more limited for sure with only my crappy laptop and whatever things I chose to take with me. Still I intend to bring along a bunch of comics with me that I haven’t read yet. I’ll also catch up on any webcomic I don’t catch up with before then and maybe I’ll even try the month of free Marvel Unlimited they keep emailing me about. It’s still annoying to not have my weekly comics, not be with my girlfriend, not have a lot of my things but I’ll make due as I did in the winter. 

After that trip I hope to start working a job to pay off all my debt so I can then get more debt and keep going to college (Hail America).  If i’m not working and even if I am I still intend to catch up on gaming trying to beat a nice selection of games I haven’t yet (Plus the new ones I may get). I’ll have me and my girlfriend’s 7th year anniversary to celebrate in late may (I’ll write about this more in the future I’m sure). My brother also graduates High School in June so that is exciting as going to horrible, sucky, college can be. I’ll be trying to experiment on if I have the free time too and I might be doubling for the summer the amount of content I put out. That or just really committing more time to Wish and maybe other side projects in an attempt to make something make me money. 

Before I get into the review section since it’s free comic book day I wanted to point out that I did make a post about it here if you want to see my personal picks. Local comic book stores also generally love when people who do free comic book day also buy a comic or two. It helps them out and it’s kind of what the day is really about. Free comic book day is really, please read comics day. So I guess if your reading this for some reason but don’t read comics, do that. If you want help finding comics to start with it would be my pleasure to find stuff I think will suit your taste. 

(From Gyno-Star)
It’s not summer yet and my not summer reading this week includes. Gyno-Star homemaker arc, Ava’s demon chapter 2-13, Rock and Riot to current page, Silk 3, and Jem and Holograms 2. Today I’ll be reading All New All Different Avengers so expect some more thoughts on that next week. This week was nice and Web Comic focused so make sure to check out these amazing webcomics as well. 

Gyno-Star feels a lot like how I want wish to feel like, Gyno Star even has the same color scheme as Wish. I am going for a full comic feel but the 4 panel format of this comic works so perfectly for it. Every 4 panels you get a good joke but it also works as a full story arc. I’m super impressed and this arc was a ton of fun too with lots of great ways to bring up feminist issues. Ava’s demon is so dark yet so filled with I’ll call it wonder. Like so much as gone wrong for Ava but this world is amazing and it’s hard to deny how well everything seems to flow into each other. I have a feeling when I catch up I’ll hate the one panel uploads but for now it works rather well.  Rock and Riot just started but we got some cute relationship building at the start and some subversion of typical roles so I love that. I can’t really totally review it but I’ll be reading it’s updates as they come out.  For the comics I paid for Silk and Jem both have stunning art and solid writing. Silk delvers on solid action while building what kind of hero Cindy will be. Jem does a great job setting up the Misfits, giving us a couple of romances that go wrong and setting the stage for future issues. I wasn’t a fan of the Jem cartoon but this comic may convert me. 

Diary of an Aspiring Comic Book Writer: Ambition.

With all the crazy stuff going on in these final weeks of school I just wanted to take a moment to really talk about what in the world I want to do with my life. Times of major stress like this I just want to know what is going on with my life and think if I’m on the right track. Since I had all the insanity of finals being this coming week I haven’t really wrote much.  I wrote a treatment of my Wish script for my script writing class and a few ideas but nothing that is full enough to talk about. 

I think it’s important to have goals for work and more so as an artist. I don’t kind of want to be aimlessly just hoping I make a few bucks. One of my main things is my drive to eventually make Wish physically. I don’t need to sell it physically as single issues but I want to at least make the trades physically. I know it’s possible since I’ve seen it happen before so this is something I really want to happen. I just want to put my stories on a shelf and nod knowing my creators will be preserved if someone how the internet was lost to me. Not that it’s likely to happen but I just love the idea of a physical thing. I am working towards making Wish into it’s own universe where I can get creators I trust jobs to further expand it. The ideal future is one where with my wonderful girlfriend Chesca were running Wish comics as a bigger company  living a nice middle class life. 

Really in life right now i’m just working towards safety for the most part. I want to do well this semester get my degree to have that back up plan in case all my nerdy desires don’t amount to much. Everything I want to do is a pretty poor industry to work in that money only goes to the best and most connected. Comics, acting, nerd journalism, and pretty much any other form of writing are all things I want to do to make money. To me sharing passion and creating worlds for people to see is what I really want to do with me life. If I can wake up knowing i’m creating things that inspire, entertain, help or in general bring joy to people that will be a good life. I love marketing but I’d rather be trying to sell my own things then increasing brand awareness for some big shoot who just watches numbers. My goal is to be working on lots of creative projects at the same time and help my creative friends make their things better. I am going to always be working on projects no matter where life takes me because creating stuff is just a part of who I am. From my Tumblr to my personal writing I will do everything I can to keep sharing with the world. 

(From Gyno-Star)

This week I’ve read lumberjanes 12-13, Loki 13, Pokemon Adventures vol 12, Some random Gnyo-Star’s Objectifer arc (Webcomic you can read here), Spider-man and the X-men 5, and Squirrel Girl 4. 

Friendship to the max, I finally caught up in lumberjanes and can now call my self a fan. Issue 13 did a a good job showing off the meeting of the Janes. I love that the issue isn’t filled with unnecessary drama that many origin stories love to pad themselves out with. Pokemon Adventure Volume 12 is finally finished after I wrote about it during an early bit of this series. I really enjoyed reading these chapters and I have to say it does Pokemon battles better then any other form of media has. Gnyo-star’s Objectifer Arc has got me hooked on the series. After just a quick look over the artist/wirters tumblr I found my self laughing out loud. This is a woman I totally want to aspire to be in writing because she charmed me so fast it was crazy. Squirrel Girl continues to be perfect like every issue. It is funny, tells stories in exiting ways, embraces what it is, and it has to be the best comic being written right now. Their is no other series that makes me want to re read an issue after reading it. Spider-man and the X-men is something I keep enjoying, it’s the direction I wish peters life was taking as opposed to the stuff that’s going on because apparently characters can’t grow up in the Marvel Universe (Hit 25 and your done). `