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Sexual, romantic, and gender identities are very personal and often change from person to person. The information below is is simply a general guide to some popular LGBT community terms. When dealing with these terms it is important to remember that gender identity, romantic attraction, and sexuality are independent of each other. Some of these term can be used in a derogatory way and care should be used when speaking with someone about their gender identity, sexuality, or romantic attraction. It is always a best practice to ask the person which terms they prefer.

    This is not all the terms under the LGBT umbrella and there are more being discovered every day. If you have a sexual orientation, gender identity, or romantic attraction that is not a part of this list please contact me so that I can add it to this list. I cannot promise that every group will be added or when I will get to it, but I will do my best to be as inclusive and timely as possible.

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Romantic Attraction
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I plan on making a separate list for, BDSM and fetish, as well as Furry terms and flags. Any relevant resources would be greatly appreciated.

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 This Design is listed on Deviant Art and the image itself is really big. You should be able to scroll in and see the text clearly.

Thought this was pretty interesting, so I decided to post it. A deeper look into sexuality opposed to the standard, straightforward terminology that most people go by. 

Instead of simply defining sexuality based off of sex alone, this would define one’s sexuality on their gender, rather that their sex, and I think that’s much better. It’s a little more detailed than this, but I’m not gonna post it all here when it’s on wikipedia already. Look it up, if you want to know the details, people.

From this point onward, I’m defining myself as Gynesexual/Gynephilic rather than heterosexual. It makes more sense for me, personally.

i-ruin-fandoms asked:

To the nb anon who is only attracted to females, there is an identification called "gynephilia" which is an attraction to femininity or females. It doesnt say which gender you are. You may want to take a look into that~


Because it is putting women in the same category as feminine, and there are so many women who are not feminine.

Also, gynephili/gynesexual have both been used in consistently in transmisogynistic ways and are seen as heavily connected to vaginas(see: gynecologist).

It’s a transmisogynistic and problematic identity that should be avoided.

And women /=/ feminine

-Mod Virgil

anonymous asked:

So, as a pansexual is alright to lean toward certain "genders". For example I lean toward the more feminine aspect of the non-binary genders. Does this still make me a pansexual or is there a different word for me?

Hello Anon!

What a beautiful day, isn’t it? Well it is anyhow in the Netherlands!

Androphilia, which is virtually synonymous with massexual/androsexual, means that you are attracted to masculinity in people, regardless of gender. Gynephilia, synonymous with femmesexual means you are attracted femininity. 

I know many people that identify as both pansexual and one of the above. If you actually prefer an actual gender instead of the masculinity/femininity, perhaps there is another term for it. In general it means you are attracted to either masculine or feminine physical and emotional tendancies.

I would call myself an Androphilia Pansexual. In my case, I have androphilia tendancies for the most part, however, here and there I do find myself attracted to people who are not specifically masculine.

Does this help?

I hope so! Otherwise, do not hesitate to ask again:)




Gynephilia    A person that is sexual attraction to women or femininity, regardless of their gender identity.

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Did you guys know there are already andro and gyno flags?  They’re called androphilia/gynophilia but the suffixes can be changed I think.  Here’s what they look like:

I can’t find pics of the actual flags anymore for some reason but whenever I sear androphilia/gynophilia flags these designs always come up.  So I guess these are official??

The names for these are androsexual and gynesexual, which may be why you’re finding these flags.

-philia sounds weird to me…

(I assume the third one is for nonbinary people?)

- Mod Nikolai

anonymous asked:

Are adrogophilia and pansexuality the same thing? (:

I guess you mean androphilia?

Basically, androphilia (from andro) means attraction towards males or masculinity, while gynephilia (from gyno) means attraction towards females or femininity. Check out Wikipedia on this.

People use these terms to refer to the gender/s of their attraction only, as opposed to using terms like heterosexual and homosexual, terms which also gender the person holding the attraction. These can be problematic / ambiguous if the person is genderqueer or non-binary. For instance, heterosexual means attracted to the “opposite” sex, but what is the “opposite” if you are genderqueer, or neutrois?

Pansexual is another term people use to define their sexual attraction, and it means that someone is attracted to all genders, or to people irregardless of their gender.

tbh i have something like gynephilia. i love girls, girls are amazing and beautiful, but sometimes when i look at strongly feminine k-idols i just wanna kiss them, touch and Shisus only know what’s else. Seriously, i would bang himchan (oh my god, this combo) if i only could because he’s the most beautiful person in the world, N’s shapes made me crazy on Hex Sign, Key’s face is just perfect, and E.Co’s legs… what to do, oh my god. feminity is world. feminity is amazing. there’s nothing wrong to men being feminine. if you’re beautiful - just be beautiful, no matter in which way or which gender you are.

Some Thoughts on Objectification.

I want to talk about objectification. I’m not going to explain it for the umpteenth time but I do want to add some nuance to the discussion.

Objectification is bad right? At least that’s the prevailing narrative, but is it always? It comes down to who has the power.

Right now it’s men who have the power, women simply do not. Most men are gynephiles thus media has a gynephile bias.

Even when androphilia is present it’s still in accordance to the male POV rarely women’s POV.

Something I’ve begun to notice is that our society refuses to acknowledge women’s sexuality.

This is also why I find the war on objectified women in media to be so self defeating. Why can’t women have objectified men in media?

What we need is not less media that objectifies women for the gynephile, but more media that objectifies men for the androphile.

Androphilia and gynephilia (or gynecophilia) are terms used in behavioral science to describe sexual orientation, as an alternative to a homosexual andheterosexual conceptualization.

Androphilia or androsexuality describes sexual attraction to men or masculinity, and gynephilia or gynesexuality describes sexual attraction to women or femininity.

The terms are used for identifying a person’s object of attraction without attributing a sex assignment or gender identity to the person. This can avoid confusion and offense when describing people in non-western cultures, as well as when describing intersex and transgender people.

Is Wikipedia right?

According to the wikipedia page on “Androphilia and Gynephilia”: “Androphilia describes sexual attraction to men or masculinity, gynephilia describes the sexual attraction to women or femininity,and ambiphilia describes the sexual attraction to both.”

But doesn’t the Greek prefix “andro” only mean “male”? If you’re just attracted to masculinity, wouldn’t you be a massexual? Or does it matter? Maybe I’m only nitpicking because my minor is in Latin and Latinists like etymology.

I wonder if all these less-known queer labels (skoliosexual, androsexual, massexual, femmesexual, etc.) should be more prominently used in the queer community. I certainly like labeling myself as a massexual (because it’s more descriptive), but at the end of the day, aren’t all of us queers just “queer”? Of course, I know it’s up to the individual, but I guess I’m wondering if others like to label themselves with these lesser-known labels instead of/in addition to “queer”.

I am reposting the “androsexual” flag with this post because I love it. (And the person who created the flag made it to represent attraction to all masculinity. Yay!)