im-always-insane said:

can you make me a banner and theme?

I always make a point to be nice to my followers and that I really do appreciate each one of them. So when they ask me something that it specifically says not to do in my FAQ, I just let it fly…BUT:


Did you really think I would make you a banner (when I specifically say not to ask me for one) AND a theme (when I specifically say I don’t make custom themes) if you don’t follow me? I wouldn’t even if you did unless you were like HIM or HER! So I am sorry, but you will not be getting either of those. Have a good day.

P.S that have a good day is not sarcastic, I sincerely mean that you should have a good day. You are a person and even though you didn’t read my faq and sent me this blunt message, you still should have a nice day :)