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In celebration of 200 followers (lol), here is a list of blogs that i will follow forever! I tried to do it in alphabetical order but then got bored.


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Love you all!!! Thanks for brightening up my world!!

Short update from Asian Games

- Our girl Shang Chunsong has been forced to get cortisone shots in order to compete :(  :(

- The injury is around her hips and is preventing her from exerting all her strength on FX

- She is worried that she will be dragging the team down :’(

- However, both Shang and her coach said she looked much better during podium training and that she is recovering well

- She also showcased a new tumbling pass; 2.5 to punch half piked

-Newcomer Chen Siyi looked particularly impressive on vault during PT

- Everyone’s fav Yao has said she focused on training UB the most and is quite confident

-It also appears she’s gone back to her floaty DLO as opposed to her piked 1/1 DLO

- On the topic of UB dismounts, Tan Jiaxin will be looking to compete a……. Double Twisting Double Layout (!?!!?)

- Tan has also become a fanatical badge collector (I think she has more than 30 souvenir badges now)

- Everyone else is doing well and look very happy to be competing

All the best tomorrow!

to celebrate 600 followers (because i forgot to do it at 500) im compiling a list of my fav blogs or a follow forever i dont know what it is bUT THE PEOPLE BELOW ARE AWESOME 

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i feel so bad about this because i know ive left out some people keep in mind you are all amazing and special and gymternet would be mush without any of you guys SO KEEP DOING THE THING