Most hardcore national team in Europe (can’t compete with team USA)

So today was basically our qualifying competition for Northern Europeans and Worlds. I did really good, some girls struggled a bit, but our girls are looking pretty strong.

They announce the team tomorrow or maybe the day after.

I have never felt this anxious in my life. Please somebody knock me out until we get the results.

Fingers crossed!

She ONLY has 8 world medals,7 of them are individual medals! She has 2 AA titles and one of them is gold!She has a WORLD medal on EVERY apparatus!She has a gold on BB even though nobody expected her to win! did I mention that she only has only 4 Olympic medals? And that she’s the only gymnasts that won 4 OLYMPIC medals that year? She’s also the most decorated gymnast!And the best part is she managed to win 4 Olympic medals after an ACL!Deal with it! it’s impossible to hate on Mustafina

2014 Russian Cup AA Videos

▶Aliya Mustafina VT

▶Aliya Mustafina UB (15.400)

▶Aliya Mustafina BB (14.600)

▶Viktoria Komova UB (14.700)

▶Maria Paseka VT (Amanar)

▶ Maria Paseka FX (14.200)

▶Alla Sosnitskaya FX

▶Daria Spiridonova UB (15.033)

▶Maria Kharenkova BB (16.200!! 7.0D!!)