patriciacharles asked:

So I really want to start eating healthy and workout but I am really scared to change hard to explain but do u have any tips (My english sucks😩😩 I'm from Sweden..)

it’s normal to be scared. Changing your life is a big thing. But don’t worry, big things are achieved with small commitments and consistency.

Instead of saying “oh I have to do that, then this, ah … that’s impossible”. Visualize a goal and prepare a plan to know how you gonna do it. At first you won’t have any fitness knowledge, but you will learn on the way.

Start small, say to yourself:

  1. Week 1: I will remove soda from my diet and start working out 1 day per week
  2. Then see how you feel and how your body and MIND react to that change
  3. Week 2: I will have healthy snacks between my meals; it will help me stop craving food and boost my metabolism
  4. Week 3: 2 workouts per week and start a real nutrition plan

These are examples. Don’t prepare several weeks in advance, do week1, see how you feel and prepare week 2.

The main goal is to stay consistent. Consistence means, never, ever miss one of the things you planned in advance. If you build this mindset, it will become a habit.

Add several good habits to your life and you become disciplined. Discipline builds character. Character builds competence. Competence builds confidence -> Successful life.

All the fitness information you need is there ->


caymencc asked:

Hey there , so I've been going to the gym 2-3 days out of the week for 2 months now, I can feel my abs muscles underneath the thin layer of fat that I'm trying to get rid of. Can you give me any advice that would help me start seeing results fast. Ty

Nutrition, Cardio, Workouts ->

Going in the gym is easy, but what you really need to work on is your Nutrition.