whys grace just bought me down her spare wetsuit like yep bring this to the beach when you come down…. like I’m gonna go and swim at gylly after they told me the horrific stories about giant jellyfish the other day!

‘Take me to #StIves’ I can’t wait to stitch this design onto new products ready for @outlawcraft #falmouthweek
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Another one I’m really excited to see, I fucking love Gyllenhaal man. The very first time I ever saw Donnie Darko I knew I had some kind of weird man crush on Gylly, or whatever, he’s one of, if not my most, favorite actor.

The man has been on fire lately as well with Enemy, Nightcrawler, Prisoners, End of Watch, Source Code, and a million more. There are very few movies I’ve seen that have Gylly in them that I didn’t enjoy, except for maybe fucking Prince of Persia.

A substantial plate of nachos with proper veggie chilli and plenty of cheese and sour cream. The tortilla chips were large, homemade and very good.

Gylly Beach Cafe, Falmouth, Cornwall 

26 May 2015.


Gylly Beach Cafe…what a great location!
A low key, stripped down gig for Boundless Brothers supported by Ekhohead and Joe Dworniak on sound

in all too well, taylor swift says “i’d like to be my old self again, but i’m still trying to find it” after her break up with jakey gyllie. that’s how i felt, during the end of the relationship and after it ended. i feel like i finally found my old self again last night. i hung out with my fam, which is the lamest phrase but i love it. i currently have some of the realest, truest friends and i’m pretty much only surrounded by genuine people who i truly care about who truly care about me. i’m getting back to being my old self, who i really am. i lost myself in my last relationship and i am never going to let that happen ever again. i held someone’s hand and kissed them and it was nice and sweet and i’m ready to be my own again. i don’t belong to anyone anymore, except me.