Had a little walk down to gylly beach today trying to find festive trees on the way, what madog found instead was this amazing fish in a rock pool #lovefalmouth (at Gyllyngvase)

Screen shot from todays filming.

Today I thought it would be a good idea to go out and collect some more footage of the water but it was a very different scene from usual. With waves as tall as me, Gylly beach was a very different sight and although I wasn’t sure if the footage would be right for my project I decided it would be interesting to see. I borrowed a GoPro Hero 3 to do the filming as it can capture in HD whilst being waterproof but as it doesn’t have a screen it was quite a different experience to film with. It was quite freeing not being able to see what you were capturing which I was surprised by, however when I have more time to look at the footage I will see whether i’ve actually anything I can work with..