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Also photographed Aaron Douglas and his band performing at Gylly beach cafe last night.
This shoot didn’t go so well as I avoided using flash and the light was quite reduced therefore I only pulled one image out of the shoot, it could be used as a Music Photograph I suppose, but I prefer my previously posted shots of the other live music shoot.

However, really good musician and singer, check out his music:

Moments that Make you Smile.

Today started out in quite a slow fashion, my mind viciously refusing me to be productive in an increasingly annoying fashion. My plan was to research some more before getting into my project properly, hardening up by background knowledge before jumping out into the field for actual practical study. However, my brain was uncharacteristically against the idea of doing research and instead diverted my eyes longingly to the bright, warm weather that greeted Falmouth outside. Feeling the overwhelming urge within me which surfaces a couple times a week, to walk around the bright, warm streets of Falmouth and people watch, I decided to do so. It seemed like a suitable way and time to start the practical section of my project, and so decided to go with this idea. So I packed my lunch, money, headphones, phones, tobacco and notepad and made my way out of the house.

I headed first to Gylly beach, deciding to sit on the benches along the grass staring out at the beach. My headphones blaring the usual post-hangover over-emotional rap music that I was guilty of listening to on a far too regular basis, I looked out across the beach at the selection of unknown faces. Families, middle-aged couples, OAP’s, students with your friends, graduates and workers just trying to get away from the busyness of their lives for the brief one hour break they had for lunch. So many people, so many different life stories now and in the future, all gathered on one beach at the same time by absolute chance. Everyone too self-involved in their lives and things around them to realise this phenomenal coincidence. But maybe it’s not a phenomenal coincidence, maybe that’s just the way my brain works and my love of theatre and ideology coming out. I came here for the beauty of random chance meetings however, not just purely different people being in the same place.

I was extremely lucky to see two up-close interesting stranger meetings which I wish to share with you readers. First off there was this girl sat alone on the beach, a couple of feet away from me, her legs crossed and her eyes aimed out towards the sea. Her body language suggested that she was upset and feeling lonely, the slow back and forth motion of her pulling her cigarette away and towards her mouth seeming sad. Obviously I am not a body-language expert, so cannot wholly confirm that this was in fact definitely the case. But that’s the feeling I got. Anyway, she was sat there alone on the grass, not near anyone. There were times where I would have gone up and engaged her in conversation, but it wasn’t an option today. I am aware of my ability to talk to strangers, so I needed to wait to see if someone else stepped up to the challenge. After about ten minutes, this young guy walks past her, and begins to slow his pace as he stares down at her. I watch him weigh up the decision in his mind before turning towards her and asking if she was okay.  She looked up at him immediately, almost as if she had been waiting all this time for someone to approach her and ask how she was.  They exchanged tepid conversation for a couple of seconds until she revealed to him that she was upset, and had come to the beach to clear her head and find someone to talk to. Like a true gentleman, the guy swung his bag off his shoulder and remarked that he had no where he needed to be before sitting down on the beach next to the girl. I didn’t want to eavesdrop on their conversation so I made myself scarce, equipped with a smile on my face. It had been an encounter I’d saw potential in but had gone miles better than I thought. This is why I want to do this project, moments like that.

Feeling inspired as anything now, and another post will be up over the next few days.


©Naomi Turnock Photography

Went to Gylly Beach Cafe last night to photograph Rebecca Clements, a 19 year old, singer-song writer from the UK. 
Rebecca has just finished a tour in Cornwall where she performed in Penzance, St. Agnes, Perranporth, Truro and finished off in Falmouth.
Check out some of her music:

Thinking of using one of these as a possible ‘Music Photograph’ for the 10 part portfolio. Love the images although they are quite noisy due to lighting problems. Going to Devon in November to photograph some more live music so I have more to choose from.

lannisteh said:

3 11 29

ugh not you

3: list your fandoms and one character from each that you identify with.
HP: hermione granger
GOT: jon snow
AHS: zoe benson
LOTR: eowyn
THG: katniss everdeen

11: describe your ideal day
wake up at like 8.30ish, eggs and hash browns on toast, coffee date at costa or gylly café with one of my friends or with roo, pasty or fish and chips for lunch, walk with mum and fin in the afternoon, then out for a meal with the fam in the evening

29: three songs that you connect with right now
dead sea // the lumineers
I am disappeared // frank turner
haven // all the luck in the world

identity ask