Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Read The Ruby Red/ Rubinrot Trilogy

1 It’s a story about time travelers in London that was originally written in German. (Even though it’s been translated it’s still beautiful)
2 The love interest is a huge idiot who goes through so much character development and its for the better 100% (all the characters do tbh).
3 There’s some hella rad ghosts, ranging from a little boy to the ghost of a gargoyle demon
4 I personally think the books get better and batter it’s not like some book series where the first one is really good but the next two get increasingly bad
5 T I M E T R A V E L
6 Cool mysteries and stuff you can try to figure out. There’s quite a few tbh and they’re are hella rad and interesting.
8 Witty dialogue I genuinely enjoy all of it’s extremely funny.
9 If I could only have one book series for the rest of my life I’d honestly pick this one because I love every part. There’s some book series I love so much but there are parts I skip every time I reread them because I don’t like them. I love every part of all three books.
10 So in short- Character development, time travel, whole series is already out, no love triangle, super funny ghosts, and just altogether great writing.

As you clearly understand from all the reblogging, I'm really excited for "Ruby Red" or "Rubinrot"!!

I just found out about it from a friend, and I’ve been researching for over an hour! 

SOOOO thankfull for the amazing people that have translated most of the videos!!

There are moments like this I wish I knew and understood german, but sadly I don’t. So, I’ll just have to wait till I can buy the movie (w/ english subtitles of course) or download it… probably both.


Here’s a link too:


My first book review ever! Ruby red by Kersin Gier!

Thanks for watching!

i was listening to my ipod and then lorde’s royal came on and i burst into laughter at the very first lyrics bc “i’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh” and i couldn’t help but think of gwendolyn and gideon

Ruby Red

I just have one big question: So, are Gwyneth and Gideon super distant cousins?!!

Lol. Seriously.

This was such a fun book. So fast paced. Given that it’s also short with wide margins and the size of the actual book itself is not like most, which always had me curious why they made it smaller than the norm. Okay. The ending was so unexpected. I had no idea that Gwyneth was Paul and Lucy’s daughter. There was nothing that hinted it. At all! I thought something funny was happening and I knew Gwyneth’s “mum” was lying. I just thought she had an affair with Falk before she married Gwyneth’s “dad.” And yes, these two families’ family trees are really confusing. Well, they were at first, but by the end, there was nothing confusing anymore. I wonder how Gwen will react when she finds out who her real parents are and why they abandoned her. I wonder how her siblings will react to that. Also, do you not age when you time travel? I love James, the ghost. He’s a delightful character. I am, however, not the biggest fan of Charlotte. She’s mean. I hope that Gwyneth becomes some kind of a barrier between Robert and Dr. White. I kept thinking she would speak for Robert. Also, why didn’t she speak of her powers? That she could speak to ghosts? I think she has more powers than that. But she only told Mr. George, which I found odd. I think Mr. Whitman is the bad guy. In fact, I even think he’s Count Saint-Germain. That guy is creepy. The part when he did the telekinesis thing was creepy. I love Lesley. She’s such a witty character. I loved the history and all the movie references to go along with the history. I really thought this book was going to be super predictable but to my surprise I did not see many of those things coming. It was also funny. My favorite bit is the one about purchasing some Apple shares. Hilarious! I love Gwyneth and Gideon but Gwyneth is so much fun. I love her character. This series is so exciting!