Why Kpop? Episode 1: Orange Caramel - My Copycat

For those unseasoned in the Kpop music industry this might be a tough video to find. Whenever you search Kpop the first thing that pops up is gigantic groups of Asian (that’s what you assume, what they’re saying is a riddle to you) girls and boys. Some examples of those could be Girls Generation. Now I’m not saying that their music is bad, it’s actually pretty good, I’m just trying to show you a slightly less popular group with great potential. 

Orange Caramel is a girl group consisting of 3 ladies, Raina, Lizzy and Nana. They have debuted in 2010 as Orange Caramel after initially being part of a larger girl group called After School. In their songs and videos they combine kpop with their so-called Candy Culture which results in cute and fun videos.

There’s 3 of their videos which I personally like best.  To start with their song Lipstick (released on their first studio album in 2012). For those familiar with EUpop, the intro really reminded me of Inna. Now I’m not a fan of Inna, yet I continued the video for the sake of the story. How often do you see 3 girls trying to impress a guy whilst playing tabletennis? That’s some dedication right there.

Then there’s Catallena in which our 3 sweethearts are the human embodiment of the Kpop industry (see: “fish in priced packaging”) and sushi. This video has actually been banned from Korean television for the “human in packaging” scene. Their loss, in my opinion this was the best music video I had seen in freaking ages. And the best thing about it? It’s funny.

Last but not least, the video atop of this post: My Copycat. This is the latest MV release from Orange Caramel and I start loving this group even more because of it. The song starts of catchy and then there’s a game you can play in the video? It’s ‘Spot the differences’ and 'Where’s Waldo’ in one! I’m close to finding them all, it’s impossible to do without pausing the video especially on the pictures where there’s 11 things to find (I mean dear lawd).

Orange Caramel is definitely a group to keep your eye on, so far their MV’s make me want more! I hope you can enjoy Orange Caramel as much as I do, and until the next: Why Kpop?