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Title: Catching fire!!

Any scene with Peeta is my favorite. I know it’s probably cheating to say so, but I honestly can’t pick one of his scenes over another. Because Josh is so perfect as Peeta, and Francis gave so much back to the character in Catching Fire, and every Peeta scene (or scene with Peeta) is wonderful and amazing.

Okay, I know I’m like, super-late with this thing, (like all other things in my life) But here we go,  I was tagged for the 20 beautiful women challenge by the extremely beautiful katniss-everdien, thank you darling <3

I know that like half my face is hidden in this, but it’s the most recent photo of me I have(since it was taken last night before going out) But like, I was insanly proud of how my hair and make-up turned out and the side pictured is the best. So, sorry…

Since I’m extremely late with this, I don’t know who’s been involved and who hasn’t, plus I don’t think I can tag 10 people, so I’m going to tag some of my favourite people and if you have done it and don’t want to do it, don’t worry <3

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i know this is a green day fan page but i need to make a post about gerard way for a second.

he has helped me through everything… he has saved my life so many times and i could never thank him enough. with everything he’s been through and everything he’s overcome he is my idol.

idc what anyone says. gerard way is the best goddamn thing that has happened to me so far, and i don’t even know him. i will always have endless respect and gratitude for him.

have a great birthday, gwhiz138 !

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I agree with you! Josh's hair has gotten longer and I wouldn't mind it if he had long hair, but I personally miss Peeta Catching Fire hair because let's face it, those were the days to witness hair beauty at its finest! :D

Bless. Seriously.

I was catching up with my friends and she was telling me she damn lives with her “bff” and they sleep/cuddle in the same bed with minimal clothing and sometimes naked but “they’re just best friends”. Like he’s touched her titties and she’s felt his dick multiple times… ON HARD. And I’m over here sweating profusely and she’s like whatever it just his dick