Froyo || Rooney & Gwen

Despite having no reaosn to be, Rooney was nervous. Sitting her pink ‘68 Mustang, she sat outside Gwen’s apartment, breathing heavily. Plastering an anxious sile on her face, she stepped out of the car, straightened her yellow dress, and strode towards her front door. Knocking three times, she reminded herself that there was nothing to orry about - she was just getting yogurt with a girl A very pretty girl. She gukped, and waited for Gwen to answer the door.


Jesus shit, it’s cold outside.

Why did he think this was a good idea again? …Oh yeah, because Gwen’s doing it. The amount of things he’s done just because Gwen’s been doing it. When he gets outside, he’s already shivering, but he can see Gwen and that makes it all worth it.

She’s beautiful, the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen, in his opinion, and he can’t help but smile whenever he looks at her. Hey! I can see your ass from here! He calls out to her as he approaches, his smile having blossomed into a bit of a grin. If there’s anyone who can genuinely cheer him up and actually make him feel a little bit better again, it’s her. Whhhy did you think this was a good idea? It’s freezing.

[You're Not In Our Categore] Cam/Gwen

It was well known in the DC area that Claude Cohen and Maxwell Fairchild were good friends, and had been for years. So naturally, when the two had children it only seemed right that they would be friends as well. It happened quite naturally with the two girls, Cam and Gwen. When they were younger they were the best of friends. They were on the same sporting teams, dressed alike and did most things together. Being children to wealthy parents and politicians meant hearing a lot of rumors go around about them, but the girls never let it bother them. Their skin was thick enough to weather a few comments from people who meant absolutely nothing to them. Their bond of friendship remained tightly in tact until the end of middle school. After that, they started to drift apart. Gwen began to change, changes Cam didn’t like. At first, it was difficult for the young girl. She’d find herself asking where her best friend was, or calling out to tell her something funny. Then she would remember that they were no longer close and a curtain of sadness fell over her face. But as the years progressed, it was easier. The two made different friends, being in different grades at school made that even easier.

                  However, during the last year Cam found herself getting closer to Gwen Cohen again. At first it began as jabbering, making fun of each other like old times. With Cam’s engagement to Gwen’s twin brother, it only seemed right that they should attempt to talk. Rekindling the friendship with Gwen was much easier then Cam thought it would be. Beneath the exterior presence that Gwen put on, she was the same old girl that Cam knew. If you needed her, she would be there for you. The girl was blunt, something that Cam could appreciate. But it was the little things that struck Cam, the little things that dotted their friendship as young girls, that Gwen still liked. When they were younger, the two girls would get rap CD’s and blare them in Cam’s room. They would dance around like idiots on the bed until someone came in to stop them, which usually never happened. Looking at Gwen, Cam could tell that the girl was different in some aspects from before. More rebellious, a bit louder and far more promiscuous then she ever was when the two were kids. It wasn’t Cam’s place to judge, so she just shrugged it off and went on with her business.

                  Cam’s hand closed around a t-shirt on the shelf just above her head. She tugged at it, creasing her eyebrows in frustration. Yanking at it, finally it fell straight into her arms. The shirt had a picture of Tupac on it, RIP written under it in fluid words. Pulling at another one, she brought it down. After paying the man at the counter she smiled and skipped out of the store next to Gwen. After the article in Burn The Monuments came out, it was clear to Cam that she needed some girl time. The article in the paper made her skin crawl, and wonder why such vermin was allowed to run around the streets. The people that wrote the paper hid behind their masks, not allowing anyone to know who they were. It was disgusting, and Cam hated it more then anything in the world. She hated it when the paper said nothing about her, but when they wrote about her and Gale it only strengthened her distaste for the anonymous people. Cam looked over at Gwen; both girls’ arms were full of shopping bags from various places. Most of the bags were filled with things similar to the shirts that were just bought.

                  “So, I found us a car.” Standing in front of the car that she had purchased for Josh only a few days previously, she smirked. “I don’t think Josh or Joe, whatever his name is will be missing it very much, do you?”  Moving around to the end of the car she felt under the bumper, her hands clasping around a key the dealership told her would be there. “Aha!” She threw the key back to Gwen, knowing there was no way she would drive. Cam hated driving, and she wasn’t very good at it to begin with. Risking her life and the life of others wasn’t on her to-do list for the day; meaning Gwen would have to drive. “I have a weird feeling that it was Josh that leaked that information to the stupid newspaper. I don’t have proof, but I’m almost a hundred percent sure. Well, the information about me at least.” She looked around, searching for any sign of people who might have been listening in on the girl’s conversation. However the streets were pretty clear, one of the benefits of skipping school for the day. Camilla trusted Gwen, reminding herself to tell her the story of her encounter with Josh once they were inside the car. 

Starter | thesekinkyfucks | Daniel & Gwen

Daniel walked across the hotel suite that he had booked, dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and black loafers. He was eagerly awaiting the arrival of what could be called his mistress, although officially she was an escort. Gwen was an escort whom he had hired on multiple occasions as someone whom he could fuck and spoil over his hated wife. Daniel removed his suit jacket, draping it over the back of the office chair before hearing the suite door open, causing him to smirk. “In here, babe” he called out.