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My views on MJ in Spider-Gwen #1

I may well lose friends over this but, my blog, my rules andI will never compromise my own opinion or shut up about something if I don’t want to. That was why I came to tumblr and set this up. It is the one place I indulge myself and do whatever I wish. If people like it or not isn’t my concern, I don’t do posts for anyone but myself.

However, I of course mean no offence to anyone who disagrees with me or to who’s points I am myself counterpointing or disagreeing with.

I read Spider-Gwen #1 recently and I have read some people’s reactions to Mary Jane’s depiction in the book. To generalise their views (which I know is dangerous) they feel that she was portrayed in an unwarranted negative light, specifically because she was an asshole and egocentric and swept up with fame.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and this is mine.

I’m fine with it.

At least, thus far.

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I hate to say this, but...

I like Silk more than Spider-gwen now.

I’ve raged on this character a lot but Robbie Thompson made her into an actual character to me. I’m actually interested in her, I actually WANT to know more about her and It really helps that she isn’t just drooling over Peter now. She’s actually trying to avoid him and has become more than “peter’s new fuckbuddy”.

Now, Peter in this issue is still a problem. He’s now the one that keeps trying to get close to Silk, knowing damn well that the pheromones will make her want to do him and it comes off as really creepy to me. Not funny. creepy. I hope that he either doesn’t appear again in the book for awhile or cuts this crap out. Granted, Peter has been character assassinated since 2007, so this is nothing new.

I still have problems with the character of Silk. Like, her name being “Silk” when she was bitten by a spider and spiders don’t produce silk, they produce webbing. Silk comes from silkworms. I think that Slott just chose the name because it sounded “sexy”. The “making clothes with her powers” thing is also a far stretch for me. I blame Slott for this and not Thompson though.

Slott created a Mary Sue, wish fulfillment girlfriend, Hopeless added some personality and gave her some challenges and Thompson made her more human. Thompson addressed the struggle someone who’s been locked away would have and gave us more of an idea on who this character is. Her backstory, her likes and dislikes, her personality…Cindy seems like an actual character now.

Spider-gwen was…disappointing. Not just because MJ’s mistreated in the book. Spider-gwen just seemed a little too similar to Peter Parker at some points and was the graffiti thing really necessary?

It’s funny…the book I was dreading with a character I despised turned out better than the book with a character I was interested in.