[gWeNeTh jiLL]

happy birthday to the onLy one GWENETH JILL DACALOS BALDADO!!
one of my awesomest bestfriends…since eLementary.
she goes by, jsyk. :)

during second grade she was this new girL, a transferree from a neighboring private schooL..and i was this eLementary congeniaLity princess. we cLicked.

rest = history

gee..this was how she used to look like wayyyyyyyy back. o.o

i’m not saying nothing yeah. :p
peace out, Gwen! :3

GoogLe can be heLpfuL especiaLLy when Friendster reformatted its site. aLL those precious photos i purposeLy stored there. o.o

Thank you my little ponnies. :)
Thank you for being a huge, huge part of my life. Thank you for making me laugh and keeping me busy. Thank you for staying with me in times na i feel so alone. I may not say it and you may not know this but grabi jud inyong natabang sa akoa.
Nagpasalamat jud ko ni Lord kay gihatagan ko niya'g friends like you. The Lord is good jud.
I love you my little ponnies.

"You're my person" - Christina Yang

You know how one person has their own person where in they can be in their very best AND worst shapes but still won’t give up on you? The ones who would stay up all night for your late night calls/texts. The ones who would be willing to be crazy just for the sake of being crazy with you.

Well, these are my persons :)

And as usual our favorite thing to do whenever were together is EAT. But we added a new “thing” to our usual pig out sesh. We first watched X-Men: Days of Future Past and we all loved it!! It’s my favorite X-Men movie and the best movie of 2014, yet!! Okay so 3 hours and a stiff neck after we went to TeAmo for some Milk Tea.

I wasn’t feeling the milk tea vibe so instead I ordered this:

It’s a Nutella cake in a cup. They had me at Nutella.

I also had some siomai!

We then went to Chowking (as usual) for our Chao Fan dinner (as usual).

Rom joined us halfway through our dinner. McDo after for some snacks #shameless

And BFF fries is the way to go!

Ended this fatty and tiring day with this picture.

I luh yuh two….. No words but thank you for your craziness :) 

ohilovethefuture lemonmeringues

And a quick stop at Mr. Donuts with the family because I was craving for hot choco the whole day!

Ahh Thank You Lord for this life!!! :)

Firing Squad

(The title’s scary but I promise you this post is nowhere near scary HAHA)

January ended with a BANG, while February started with a BOOM! I spent these two days with my W34k Family and I’m just beyond blessed to have them. Then I realized what February meant, or as I would like to call it: Feb-ibig (HAHAHA I’m so jej).

Ugh, Feburary. The month of luh-huv. Lovers, cheeserss, corndogs, meh everywhere. 

I sounded like a bitter, single lady over here but I’m not HAHA. I’ve always hated Valentine’s day ever since a thing happened when I was in 3rd year high school (MAYBE I’ll share this thing soon mehehe). 

So it wasn’t really an issue for me to spend Valentine’s day this year alone (first time in a long time for me though). The plan was to bug Eller to watch Starting Over with me and pig out afterwards. Also the whole barkada planned to have a Valentine’s Day lunch at Zoey, but due to conflicting schedules it did not push through.

The day before Valentine’s, Eller and I finalized our plans for the BIG DAY. We also asked Chami to go with us (It was a long shot though because she has a boyfriend and you know). She told us that she’d be busy that day because someone invited her to sing to an event. BUT THEN, she invited us to her ‘gig’, her treat DAW!! Of course how can we say no to that?

Eller and I were so excited to listen to her sing (and eat of course, we’re not gonna lie). Since the venue was at Isabel (which Eller google-ed but we still ended up on the wrong street), Eller came by so we can go together. Yes, we’re that cheesy. My family made kanchaw to Eller because she was wearing a black blouse and told her if she wanted to be in a 'firing squad’ (hence the title) HAHAHAHAHA No, we’re not bitter. Red was just too cliche that day.

By 7 pm, we were on our way to Villa Sabarre at Isabel. When we got inside, we were so surprised because it was a formal event with wine glasses and all! AND the funniest thing was that the motif was black HAHA coincidence? I THINK NOT!

The place was lovely! The pictures don’t do them any justice, I swear.

It actually is just a house with big grounds (which is my dream house ugh).The house has a balcony and Chami told us that there’s a 4-poster bed inside. I’m so jealous! The only thing lacking is a pool, but everything was just too nice, i cry.

Here’s our invite. The event was a fund raiser for Chami’s church! We were so blessed to be a part of it.

Candlelight dinner!!

Then there’s me.

Eller with the black ensemble (CHARAUGHT)

The food and my view. And that is Chami with the blue skirt. I’m a proud bestfriend!

I’ve always wanted to become one of those kontrabidas who walks on the balcony with a robe on, drinking wine and plotting some evil plans for someone but I could never tolerate even just the smell of wines and alcoholic beverage. It’s a sad sad world.

We also saw Keith at one of the function halls!

See how nice the lawn is? HUHU

I’m so proud of this girl :*

O sige, you also HAHA JOKE!

It was indeed a blessed night for me. We also listened to a very nice message from the church’s Pastor about love and not just world love but a godly one at that. I never expected that I can still enjoy Valentine’s Day as a single lady (CHARAUGHT) HAHA 

Kidding aside and I have said this a thousand times, I could never thank God enough for blessing me Chami & Eller. I would never trade you two for anyone and anything. Thank you for a wonderful Valentine’s Day and the crazy memories I get to share with you. Love you!


A cheesy girl gave me these


You were in my dreams last night.

It probably doesn’t mean anything, except that I cried myself to sleep.

Still thinking of you and me, of us. 

I still love you every moment of every day. 

But I will get through all of these. 

I will, I can and I should.

So help me God.

pagsundo nila sa amo after mi nagpa make-up ilang first reaction kay:

‘HALA! HA-HA-HA MURAG MGA BAE’ gosh. wa jud mi'y nadawat na compliments ani nila. :))

ang ending, mas arte pa. pirte ug pang-powder den kaila na'g contour2 haha.


bungisngis kaau ku'g katawa diri kay pirte namung katawa sa photographer, ambot ngano :))


random BTS photos of our graduation pictorial yesterday :) 

thank You Lord, hapit na!! continue blessing us Lord especially with our thesis, duties, review….NLE! whoo.. kaya ni Lord!

I actually read the book and its sequel in two days because it was so good!!! If I Stay was good but the sequel, Where She Went, was 100xxx better! Ahhhhhhhh I cannot move on from this one (that’s why I’m still not reading a new one). Now I just hope that the movie will be as good as the book, or even better PLEASE.

Haaaaaaay I just fell in love with Adam.

Oceans by Hillsong

You call me out upon the waters
The great unknown where feet may fail
And there I find You in the mystery
In oceans deep
My faith will stand

And I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

Your grace abounds in deepest waters
Your sovereign hand
Will be my guide
Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me
You’ve never failed and You won’t start now

So I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are mine

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior

I will call upon Your name
Keep my eyes above the waves
My soul will rest in Your embrace
I am Yours and You are mine


Crazy hot afternoon with these hot ladies (haha I wasn’t paid to say this though).

Actually, Eller and I planned last week to go to MSU COM to check the results of our application. Since Chami did not have work today we decided to invite her also. We first went to IIT to get our Tadman (which by the way is just the most elegant yearbook I have ever seen!). Then we went to the admissions office to confirm my brother’s course. After which we then headed to MSU COM and was greeted by the school’s secretary informing us that the results will be out on either May 2 or 5.

WHOOO!! This is it Lord! :)

We then went to McDo for our early lunch and to meet up with Lhuette. We ordered the BFF fries and it was worth all the calories! Hahaha

When lunch was over, we went to the city so Eller can withdraw because we were short on cash. Hahaha Yes you can now call us “4 Broke Girls”.

Because it was scalding outside, we wanted to go to a place with air condition and ice. And the perfect place was at Cozy Cup! We wanted to try other milk tea shops here in Iligan but we did not want to risk our money into something that we won’t like. HAHA (Cozy Cup all the way!!)

It was a fun and juicy afternoon and by 3 pm I drove my girls home.

Thank You, Jesus for these amazing human beings :) I may not have everything that I want, but I’m satisfied with what You have blessed me with 🙏