Hey, Ward Warriors!

Let me just say that I love every single one of you even if we have never directly talked.

This is a small virtual family, I’m not around since forever, but now I’m here and, again, I love you.

I love how we’re protective over our boy, aww.

And don’t mind the haters, don’t waste time with them. It’s not worth it.

And for the haters: it’s not worth wasting time on something you hate, ya know?

Okay, just know that.

gwaed-deactivated20150108 asked:

Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself. Then pass this on to your ten favorite followers (◡‿◡✿) - I don't know if it's "legal" to send it to you again :D But I want more random facts and you are one of my faves! Well, I guess the second part isn't necessary.

Awe you’re so sweet! I don’t even know if I can pick another 5 facts lets see hahaha

1. I collect postcards!! I absolutely love them and I’m currently working on filling a wall. :)

2. I also collect setlists from concerts I’ve been to. I’ve gotten everyone except for this AM concert I just went to!! (I almost caught it and the drumstick but I think I was too startled that it even came to me hahaha) But hopefully I can get it in Feburary!!!

3. I want to backpack throughout Europe one day and hopefully eventually live there.

4.  Umm, I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was like 8 years old aha

5. Ughhh last one. Hmm. I have really vivid dreams and can usually remember everything that happens in them. I’ve recently just started getting into waking up and recording them on my phone. (very funny! lol) 

Thanks again sugar plum! :) Hope you’re having a great day!


fuck i love gwar so much!

Welcome, Agent Alex. Your alias, Grant Ward, has been 
approved by the Director.
Please report for duty within 24 hours
and go over the checklist.

We love bad guys. And you portray this particular bad guy very well. You’ve got a nice knowledge of not only the character, but the AOS universe as well. We absolutely cannot wait to see Grant stir up trouble!

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