Aquí está la foto, molaba más antes (?). Bah, que tenía cara de bebé, no lo negueis XDDD whyyy 

ya os digo que hacía miles de muecas para las fotos ;_; 

too tired to doodle next page thing of Creator comic tonight, so have a random ‘how they make stuff Pt1’ thing. Pt 2 will explain how inspirations/influences work. Enjoy the derpy stickmen. BED now.

Some Stuff
  • Navyy is going to pick up some take out dinner for us because I am definitely not feeling inspired or energetic enough to cook tonight.
  • I may be losing my voice somewhat.  Reading Richard Scarry books x100 times may very well be the cause.  The things we do as parents.
  • Need to do a little housecleaning after the Minky goes down so that the place is not a total mess when Navyy’s mom comes over to watch the little guy tomorrow afternoon.
  • Looking forward to a good soak in the bath and (hopefully) an early bedtime tonight.
  • Watching my parents’ dog while they are off vacationing this week.  Feeling a little indifferent about this prospect, but it will probably be good to have another excuse to get out and do some more walking.  Winter makes me far to sluggish/sedentary.
  • Aside from being sick boy throwing a wrench into things this weekend and quite possibly infecting me along the way, I am generally feeling pretty good about life.  So there is that.
  • Anybody want to add an extra day to the weekend?  If Minky or I are still struggling tomorrow, it seems like a totally reasonable time to take a sick day.  We will see where we get to.