Highest weight: 330 lbs
Day of Surgery: 300 lbs
Last Sunday: 252 lbs
This Sunday: 247.6 (-4.4 lbs)
Total: -82.4 lbs (-52.4 since surgery)

This has been a good weight loss week! I guess my new no-snacking-at-night rule as really been working! I finally reached my second goal weight of under 250! Which means I have officially lost 50 lbs since surgery (took long enough haha!) 

I also found some measuring tape to use to measure my body, so I think I’ll start putting my measurements on here and comparing them. I dont know if I measured right, persay, but whatever haha! So, here’s my start:

Bust- 48
Waist- 46.5
Hips- 55
Legs- 32

GW1: 270 (2.22.15)
GW2: 250
GW3: 230 (100 lbs down)
GW4: 210
GW5: 200
GW6: 190
Final: 170


21/4 - Skinny Bitch diet
Day 1: 150cal
Day 2: 300cal
Day 3: Fruit/Veg
Day 4: 400cal
Day 5: Fruit/Veg
Day 6: 300cal
Day 7: 150cal

27/4 - HSGD

26/5 - ABC

June - HSGD

July - ABC

GW1: 54kg
GW2: 53kg
GW3: 52kg
GW4: 50kg
GW5: 49kg
GW6: 47kg
GW7: 45kg
UGW: 40kg

I CAME HERE TO wha... Day 0: 172.6 lbs


Height: 5’4.5”

SW: 172.6 lbs
CW: 172.6 lbs

GW1: 167 lbs
GW2: 157 lbs
GW3: 147 lbs
GW4: 137 lbs
GW5: 127 lbs
UGW: 117 lbs


Pants Size: 30

Arms: 12”
Bust: 41.5”
Waist: 32.25”
Hips: 40”
Thighs: 24.5”
BMI: 29.2 (Overweight)
BF%: 30%

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For my own benefit. Just ignore me.  

HW: 198lb

CW: 198lb I hate myself so much

LW: 178lb

GW1: 180lb

GW2: 170lb

GW3: 160lb

GW4: 150lb

GW5: 140lb

UGW: 130lb


GW1: 155: New white sneakers

GW2: 150: New exercise ball

GW 3: 145:  New Dress

GW4: 140: Weight set (small)

GW5: 135: Stethoscope 

GW6: 130: New clothes

UGW: 125: White coat

russian gymnast diet day 1

Ok! I’ve been feeling super crappy about myself lately. So I’m gonna try this out:
Breakfast: glass of OJ or calorie reduced bread or coffee
Lunch: fruit salad or medium apple
Dinner: 6 baby carrots or green apple

Starting today :) I’ll post my progress at the end of each day!

SW 130-133
GW1 125
GW2 120
GW3 115
GW4 110
GW5 105
UGW 100

Let’s do this shit!!