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Something to ponder if you get bored. The Six have a disagreement and it is decided that the dispute will be resolved with a DANCE OFF. What moves/style do you think each of them would use and who would win? Have a nice day :D

Lyssa is associated with beauty and is the patron of many artists, especially actors, so I THINK the sisters could improv almost anything and would be most likely win. Plus as a bonus Lyss and Ilya could use each other as dance partners. Balthazar would probably do something like an NFL touchdown dance,  Dwayna would be a graceful dancer but Grenth would probably leave soon after because MOM DANCING, Melandru is a tree and Kormir would just be ????? is this how we solve disagreements really this is what we go to what i have i gotten myself into??????

Though serious answer: Abaddon returns and serves everyone  

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KAY DEE • Sigma Mu sisterhood! 

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Walked 2 miles after dinner with my boys. ❤️👌
Which makes 4.2 miles the today since I walked 2 miles with two of my friends earlier today, trying to get one of them to start contracting since she’s been dilated to a 4 for a while and her baby just does not wanna come out lol. (Note, even after the walk still nothin, poor girl)

And then tomorrow is the Color Run + another 2 mile walk after dinner so I’ll be doing 5 miles tomorrow.

Lost 6 lbs. Still 24 lbs away from my first GW (which is my pre-pregnancy weight)