Some photos of John and my wedding are featured today on Green Wedding Shoes. I was initially hesitant to share photos of my wedding, but then thought about what a valuable source Green Wedding Shoes was for me during my planning process. I planned my whole wedding myself and am so proud of the event I pulled off along with my truly incredible vendors (all of whom are listed on GWS and who I cannot recommend enough if you live in the NY area). I hope our wedding can inspire some of you, as so many Green Wedding Shoe’s weddings inspired mine.


In celebration of weight loss, puberty, and senior year! Heres a before and after picture from hoco!

Ive been pretty busy lately! Its senior year and my last volleyball season. Recently I have gotten back on track. I’ve been very comfortable at my weight of 140 after losing 65 lbs but now i’m ready to just be at my best. I’m on my way to them gains! Once again! I lost my weight by running and weight training with a good diet. Feel free to talk to me or ask me questions! 



SW: 205

CW: 140

GW: 135.

Back in the shop and the @glasswearstudios is in. A whole bunch of 2g colorfronts along with these excellent transparent purple plugs. I <3 glass… #JewelryForGrownups #glassplugs #glass #glasswearstudios #gws #plugporn #plugs #chickswithplugs #chickswithstretchedears #dudeswithplugs #guyswithplugs #Jewelry #glassJewelry #LongIslandJewelry #LongIslandPiercing #LongIslandPiercer #LongIsland #LongIslandBodyPiercing #SuperstitionTattoo #PiercingByJohn. @saahh_raahh (at Superstition Tattoo)


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