of snowmen and screw-ups

Once upon a time on a rp blog I wrote about Booster and Tora and snowmen and it kind of. Precipitated this. #oops

Pairing: Guy/Tora
Words: 1004
Rating: a kindergartener could read this

Guy’s eyebrows furrow and he clears his throat when she’s been Not Looking At Him for at least eight minutes. Tora’s eyelids flutter open and she looks almost like she didn’t actually know he was there, but for all her unflappability she is not a good liar. Her bright blue eyes look like crystal and something in him crashes into a warm little puddle.

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Sketch for more digital painting practice. Mostly done because I’ve seen a lot of incidents in the comics where Tora’s gotten hurt and Guy freaks out, grieves, and flies into a rage. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a time where Guy’s gotten hurt and Tora freaked out. And considering her powers and if she lost control of them I have a feeling it’d be pretty scary. So because I seem addicted to causing angst for characters I love, I wanted to do something where the roles were reversed. If I like the finished version well enough I might do a follow up with Tora actually going crazy. I…also think Guy might actually really be dead here, because he’s not wearing his ring. D: Hopefully it just rolled off somewhere but…yeah.

Guy and Tora (C) DC Comics