So at All-West, I made dresses out of my running pants and gym shorts, and one of my roommates and I had a photoshoot. It was beautiful. And classy, not trashy. *insert classic white girl quote type emoji* He only sent me a few of the better pics though, so here they are :) Short dress, classic laughing pose, and back pose to demonstrate my curves. Men in dresses needs to be socially acceptable again.


Came home feeling bummed by some rude comments I got because of my skirt on the way to my car in West Hollywood (really!). Then I found this lovely package waiting for me containing my first purchase ever from Modcloth! It’s a little shorter than I was expecting so I think I may need to wear it with tights. Plus the belt it came with was too small but luckily I *just* got this one at Old Navy. Boom!

Will post pics of the full outfit when I wear it out but for now impromptu vogueing FTW.


My new Soda Fountain dress from Modcloth arrived on Tuesday.  I like it a lot, but I definitely think this was a case of a need to manage my expectations a bit.  It’s a fun, sweet dress but not without its faults.  One issue is that the actual makers of the dress only have it in S-L and then plus sizes 1X-3X. I think I really needed an XL because I do think a large would’ve been too small for sure, but the 1X I got is a little too big, I’ll probably have a seamstress take it in a little bit. The belt definitely helps with that too.  And as much as I was dreading those cap sleeves in the picture, the plus sized version has poufy sleeves instead that I don’t much care for.  Not a big deal when layered under a cardigan but might limit my wearing of the dress in the summer when layering becomes tougher.

Wasn’t sure what do do shoe-wise, I like the sneakers with it but I think using taller socks might’ve been a better call.  I sort of ran out of time this morning to decide on footwear before leaving for work so I just wore the sneakers because they were what I had on when I left. 

I have a show tonight when it’ll be a bit chillier, so I may remix it a bit when I get home with some fun stockings and boots to give it a slightly different vibe.

Also pictured is the What Are You Waiting Photo? necklace that I have absolutely no complaints about at all.  Love it! and I needed a new shorter necklace like it since my previous go-to one, a cheap Target choice that came with some earrings I bought, broke about two weeks ago.

I’ve been wearing this striped Old Navy dress and its blue counterpart a lot, but what can I say? It’s one of the most comfortable things I own and with the temperatures rocking these days, fun dresses are all I want to wear. Plus I’m finding it more and more versatile as I play with layers.