The young Queen laughed; a short, condescending bark when her eyes witnessed the purple lady and the band of comrades that accompanied her. "The lowly servant?" the ruler of Mann Kingdom exclaimed. "Accompanied by boorish peasants inferior to my beautiful machines? What a jest!" She leaned forward with a sneer. "Where is your true Queen, errand girl? That crown does not belong to you."

The purple-clad one did not even so much as bat an eyelash. “My crown is but borrowed - a gift from her Majesty herself, before she went into hiding away from your armies. She did this not out of fear, but she has given me more than a crown - she has given me her trust that I would be fit to wear this and lead these brave men who stand with me against you.”

The older Queen pointed her sword towards the younger, and she narrowed her green eyes. “Because THAT CROWN does not belong to you either.”

Originally this was going to be Miss Pauling only because of how she’s basically the Queen of TF2 at this point (save for the Administrator and perhaps some other lovely ladies who would be debatable to be just as fit to rule), but then I figured it would be neat if I did Olivia too since she’s basically got a handle she manipulated with the help of Daddy Warbucks wrestled out of the most powerful man’s control.

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People whining about how Darkiplier has to be scarier, what exactly do you even mean by that??

When you send in asks like, “Dark, what kind of ice cream do you like?”, the hell do you want from me? I’m not going to have him respond with, “I’LL RIP YOUR FLESH OFF SWINE.” That doesn’t make any sense and none of you would like that response. Why do some of you think he has to be angry all the time when he responds???

Darkiplier doesn’t have to constantly be in “villain mode” 24/7 (that goes for all the Dark’s). That would just turn him into a weak antagonist that none of you would care about.

It’s Dark’s little personality quirks that make him relate-able and more human. No, he’s not a nice guy but that doesn’t mean he has to act like a dick all the time.