guys..... i'm growing up

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts

There they are, all standing in a row
Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head

Gons childishness and vibrancy makes me ship him with everyone even if they’re grown adults

i almost never have nightmares but when i do, it’s the kind that hits home and makes me uncomfortable for days lmao

today some people are installing the new floor in my grandma’s basement, and she went down to offer them some of the scones and bacon we’d just made. she’s always polite and generous and kind to everyone who comes into her house, including contractors and maintenance workers. I hope I will find the confidence to do the same thing some day instead of feeling shy and awkward about people being in my house and avoiding interacting much ^^’

I was tagged by the wonderful melazon . Thank you :D  Sorry I took so long :P hehehehe Things have been busy….

1. Why this URL
It was really random actually. I wanted something cute and Betty is one of my nicknames, so…..I failed miserably but I’m to lazy to think of something else. 

2. Middle name?

I don’t have a middle name but I have a lot of last names kkkkkk. 3 actually :)

3. If you could own a fictional pet, what would it be?


4. Favorite color?  Oh, it changes a lot….. Forest green…. dark red….navy blue…. pastels… I’m really random….

5. Favorite song? Currently I can’t get I’m not the only one out of my mind…. And Take me to Church…. And All That Jazz because of reasons. 

6. Top 3 fandoms? Outlaw Queen, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries and the Broadway fandom

7. Why do I like tumblr? Because I can act like the crazy I am and look at pretty things, read pretty things and talk to pretty people. THE PEOPLEEEE!!!!

8. Tag 8 followers  not tagging anyone because I’m hella late and everybody has done this already ( probably…). If you haven’t, consider yourself tagged :D



GUYSSSSsssssss !!!!  like i can’t even

Honestly like noooo I like everyone when it comes to bae

Like white,black,Latino , Asian.etc.

It doesn’t matter.

I WANT to at least date a Mexican.

All the cuties in Queens tho and I’m like why Yall so far :/.

I’m sure there’s some in BK but 👀👀👀 where????

Like just ugh .
I love the way they talk in Spanish.
Geez zzz like ughhhhhhhhhhv
Well …..
Lol anyone really that speaks Spanish that’s not my family lol has me 😍.

Theirs something about Mexican guys tho. Idk what yet I haven’t gone deep into thought but it’s hot .

anonymous asked:

Hey. It's kind of weird that you call littlefinger your 'problematic fave' bc his character is a pedophile and tbh it's kind of callous? to csa survivors? Like I know it's a fictional character but maybe you should try to be a little more respectful?

i’m not sure what else people expect or would want me to do with a character esp given that like. idk almost everyone in asoiaf is morally reprehensible as fuck i feel like it kinda goes without saying that unless ur talking about like? maybe sansa? or tommen or myrcella or podrick? maybe brienne? that you love the character but not necessarily the person and are well aware of how terrible they are 

like he’s a horrible horrible person and so are a lot of my other asoiaf faves and so are most of anyone who likes asoiaf’s faves bc most of the characters in asoiaf are pretty horrible people

but he’s a cool character and in asoiaf you kinda. get attached to the horrible people you like more than the other horrible people and that’s like the options that’s it like my asoiaf superfav is bran and he may be over all a much better person than littlefinger or a lot of other asoiaf characters but we are still talking about a manipulative kid who literally takes over the mind of another human being as if that’s an okay thing to do and literally doesn’t see the problem even tho it causes hodor serious stress and is pretty fucked up even though he does genuinely care about hodor?? 

i tend to try and throw something in when i reblog stuff w petyr to show that i definitely do not support him as a human being in any way that’s literally why i do that so i honestly don’t know what else you want me to do other than just stop reblogging stuff about the characters i like? which? idk man idk i am not going to stop liking a character who i know and admit is a horrible person who does horrible things…… i guess what you’re asking maybe is to be less tongue-in-cheek about it bc “problematic fave” is an overused term so if that’s it then i’m sorry for coming off as callous in any way but i can’t….just say “my fav” bc i’d get a much worse message than this and at the same time it’s both rude to the op and not. enjoyable in any way . for me. to have to type a long disclaimer in the tags about how horrible a person he is every time i want to also express that i like a post or that i like his character so. idk

i appreciate you voicing your discomfort to me bc i don’t want to trigger/hurt anyone but i also am not at all sure what part of it you were uncomfortable with or how you want me to fix that so this ask just kinda has me on edge and feeling like. i don’t know what to do or say here

Girls can have short ass hair. Guys can have long ass hair.

If they want to.
Grow up and deal with it.

But seriously, to those whom don’t wash their hair or comb/brush it, I suggest you either start or go bald.
Hygiene is important.
Presentation is important.
Please don’t approach me looking greasy.

Sure, go for the messy look. Just learn to make even a zig zag lazy hair line instead of having to present your struggle everyday as you try and try to shove your long hair away from your face.
It’s really sad to one day come across a person like that whom have come to the point where they seriously do not care anymore and after months of practice have gained the ability to see through their curtain of hair. Like blinds.

Have you seen the grudge?

Never mind hygiene if you wish to not have any friends and to feel disgusting most of the time.

Again, the grudge?

I bet the grudge would’ve found love if not for her hair.