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So let me get this straight, you can like blue eyes, you can like dark hair, you can like fucking collar bones and freckles, and nobody gives a shit. But the minute someone likes a girl's dark skin, it's a fucking fetish?!?!? That's ridiculous. If it's ok for someone to say "I love blue eyes on a guy", then it's ok to say "I love dark skin on a girl" People always want to palm off the love of a dark girl to a fetish. SMH

I agree, I think you’re referring to that post about the white guy saying he loves brown skin. Well if you are then, I feel that people always want to find something wrong with anyone saying they love brown skin or dark skin and that’s sad. Nothing that he said was sexual so I don’t see it as a fetish at all he just appreciates a skin tone that’s it. It’s so much stuff he could of said but people get so mad over the dumbest things…

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hey I have been following for awhile now and I always see you give great advice to people and I was wondering if perhaps you could help me too? maybe this is a silly thing but I have been feeling a bit self conscious about being a larger size than my boyfriend. I'm pretty voluptuous and he says he likes how I look and I'm beautiful to him. I feel bad feeling like this because he's so kind and sweet to me but sometimes I can't help it (especially since I have anxiety/depression). 😓

Honey, if he says he finds you attractive, he does. What reason would he ever have to lie? Bring fat isn’t a fault, it’s just an adjective the same way being skinny, tall, short, blonde, or brunette are just adjectives. Fat is not bad. Some guys prefer fat babes the same way others prefer girls with blue eyes or big butts. It’s all the same. I’m a lot bigger than my husband but he’s a lot taller than me. Does he have any reason to be self conscious? Nah! Because it’s just the way his body is, the same way my body is fat. You’re beautiful and he loves you just the way you are! ❤️