guys seriously though

Sonic is a hedgehog. But get this: So is Shadow. But not just those two, Silver and Amy are ALSO hedgehogs. That’s why the games are called Sonic the Hedgehog but only Sonic, because he doesn’t like sharing names in titles. Headcanon of the year 2k15.

Just admit it, a taunting whisper added to the list, he’s incredible and you want to flirt with him.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read Time Out of Mind ok I love it


INTJ-ENTJ Being Oblivious To Others
  • INTJ is walking back to the table that ENTJ is sitting at after being handed his award.
  • ENTJ:Hey, that was awesome. Congratulations.
  • INTJ:*Leans toward ENTJ* Do you see that guy standing by the stairs that I walked down?
  • ENTJ:Yeah.
  • INTJ:I didn't shake his hand.
  • ENTJ::O
  • ENTJ:Ahahahaha!
  • ENTJ:Why not?!
  • INTJ:I didn't know I was supposed to! It's so random. What is he doing over there? Why does he want to shake my hand? I've never even met him before. Why would he congratulate me if he doesn't even know me?!
  • ENTJ:Oh, my God, this is hilarious.
  • ENTJ:You know... I did the exact same thing when I got mine.
  • INTJ:You did?
  • ENTJ:Yup. Just blew right past the guy. Didn't even know he was there.
  • The two continue to watch the other recipients who are walking off stage, each shaking the man's hand.