It’s very nice to see this new article of clothing on dear Tom’s wardrobe, so in tune with the recent climate marches around the world, and now with the Climate Summit kicking off the 69th General Assembly at the UN.

It’s pleasing to see it perfectly showcasing those beautiful arms and torso, while at the same time vouching for our planet’s future.

I have no doubt, however, that the confident look is a product of the monochromatic shades of black (or navy blue) and white that they allowed you in this shoot.

Only perfect monochromaticness will result in such a confident and ovary-scorching eyefuck.

Also, kudos on the tucking in of the tee, darling. Only you can pull that off so well.

i want a post-doc au where genesis sees cloud in that form-fitting new leather outfit for the first time and stops whatever he’s doing and just

holy shit