guys i did a shitty thing

i love how i still see posts on my dash whining and begging for the xkit guy to come back, like, every single one of you were fucking against him when an actual fucking callout blog posted some fucking fishy accusations about him sexually assaulting someone which were later debunked.

you guys just fucking love to turn against literally anyone when there are rumours of things going around, especially ones of sexual nature. you don’t even fucking try to find out the truth; you just turn into rabid dogs and will bite at anyone’s throats without even caring if you’re harming them.

you believed a callout blog; a blog which is one of the more inherently shitty things on tumblr to begin with, and you went and verbally, mentally, and emotionally assaulted an innocent guy who did absolutely nothing but good things for you guys and for this shitty website, like wow, some fucking thanks you guys gave him.

i hope he never comes back to tumblr. i hope he stays away and finds people who actually appreciate the fuck out of him because he’s a wonderful person who literally never fucking did anything wrong. he put everything he had into this stupid-ass website, and you guys do what you do best: play-pretend feminism and believe callout blogs over actually doing some fucking research.

go to hell, tumblr.

god bless you, xkit guy, wherever you are.

From an anon…

1/3 “You just hate CS because you’re a SQ/SF shipper!” (Do Gremma fans deal with this shit too? Probably.) Well, no. If Neal never existed, or if Rumple got Bae back as a floofy teen because Henry’s dad was just some random guy, I would still hate CS and Hook. If Regina got Daniel back and they rode off into the sunset, I would still hate CS and Hook, especially since I don’t ship canon SQ. You know what would make me *not* hate Hook and CS? For Hook’s actions and their framing on the show to 2/3 match up. For the shitty things Hook did and continues to do to have negative repercussions for him. For his motivation for joining Team Hero to be his loathing what his revenge quests for Liam and Milah led him to become. For him to want to be a better person not because it gained him Emma, but because he’s ashamed that he wasn’t. Or failing that, let his love for Emma be framed as obsessive and creepy and keeping him on the good side only so long as Emma returns his feelings– which is 3/3 what’s happening, but it’s not framed that way. And until it’s fixed, I’ll continue to hate CS and Hook and want Emma to end up single and happy with Henry.

Yep. Even if there were no other ships in existence, CS and Hook would still be badly written. 

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You should also apologize for being an idiot. :/

??? about what?? about shipping delena and klaroline in the past? I wasn’t an idiot anon I was a kid. I started watching tvd when I was 13 years old and I started shipping that toxic delena trash ever since my first episode. I just saw a cute guy and went “I want to date him” so I ignored every shitty thing he did because he was hot. Then came Klaus the abuser but again hot British accent so I went “OMG there’s so cute” even when Klaus stabbed her and let her die I still went “aww” when she said she didn’t believe he was a monster. I blamed Tyler for being pissed off at Klaus even though Klaus murdered his mother. I thought Elena and Caroline deserve better than Stefan and Tyler (who can also get problematic at times but at least they’re trying), they deserve to be with Damon and Klaus. The writers of the show had conditioned me to liking shitty relationships ever since they realized they could get some real money from brainwashing the minds of children. So no anon I wasn’t an idiot, I was a naive child who believed people would actually put the well being of children before money.

A Way With Words // Pompeii Cover (improved??)

Guess who *finally* did another cover! 

Something went wrong with the audio balancer, but it’ll have to do for now, ugh.

any way, I’ve got big things planned that should be coming soon!! (I say that it’s really just a few more covers and possibly a pop-punk mash up, but okay cool, whatever)

callingallcaptainsband  poppumpkinpie  bradwagon182 gaffwoodcallingallcaptains  nickcallingallcaptains Hope this isn’t to shitty for your standards, guys ;)


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Addy is a nice person. I get that you're upset that she reposted these drawings without permission, but I think she did not know who made them and that they were a gift for you. She has had trouble with a lot of people stealing her edits an has been bullied because of this, she knows how it feels and she would never do something like this on purpouse. I'm not chosing sides. I really like you guys both and It just makes me sad when to people that are really nice are having a fight.

She can be a nice person and do shitty things. I’ve never called her anything specifically, but rather commented that her behaviour is a problem. That she has had her edits stolen doesn’t make it okay for her to steal other people’s artwork. She *has* done it on purpose. You can’t repost or edit something multiple times by accident. Obviously the fanart she has edited is fanart, and in that case the copyright remains with the fanartist themselves.

Art theft is a very serious issue. There is literally no excuse for it.

When people tell me I can’t hate Katy Perry because of what she did to Taylor like….um….yes I can?? It’s a perfectly logical reason to hate someone like it shows she’s immature, greedy, and selfish and all of those traits I hate in any person because they’re so ugly so I’m going to go ahead and keep hating her while you guys pretend that doing shitty things doesn’t usually represent what you stand for. If you weren’t greedy and could care about others for half a second you could see how wrong it was.

dont get me wrong i love michael & i think the whole abigail thing w the song was really shitty/inexcusable & not cool but if you gain perspective it’s somewhat understandable that she was upset at what he did i mean like i wouldnt be too happy if a guy took me on a date and hooked up w me and then fucked a girl on the same day & had a “girlfriend” back in a different country yanno

No but seriously I don’t think you guys understand how much I love the fact that the fiance is totally willing to learn and discuss and understand new concepts.

Like when I met him and we first started dating I was such a fucking loser; I internalized the shit out of my misogyny and though I considered myself to not be racist or homophobic I still did a lot of really gross, shitty things

But since I’ve started using tumblr and have learned and grown and shared all that with the fiance

He’s totally 100% cool with the changes and though he may not initially understand or agree with what I’m saying he’s completely willing to hear me out and discuss things and is open to learning

Like he recently did a project of his own free will (albeit with my suggestion) on how social media forced an investigation into the Michael Brown murder and the influence of racism and classism on the attempted coverup and reactions to the riots.

Like, he did independent research and everything.

He’s such a beautiful man and I love him dearly.

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paris? xx

Paris: Describe your favorite kiss.

i hate the guy now so this is totally redundant but the kiss itself was like really cute… new year’s eve 2013 i was staying at a friend’s house with this one boy who had a crush on me and we were outside just after the countdown and both buzzed on shitty white wine (it was from a BOX) and it was a total movie moment like i was looking at the stars trying to find the big dipper constellation and i was showing him where some of the other ones were and we LITERALLY did that shitty romcom movie thing where i was like “it’s really pretty” and he looked at me like “yeah it is” and then i closed my eyes for a second and he kissed me and it was really really cute

oh shit did i tell you guys

steph told me that i shouldnt hate my dad and that im overreacting!! bc oh sure hes an asshole but he still “cares about me”

lmao ok

i can hate whoever i want if i feel the need to hate them and you cant stop me

I hate “Dress like your prom date” for senior week at school. A bunch of of my liberal/“progressive” friends act like its so great cuz its breaking gender roles!!1!! but its not, not at all

its a bunch of straight cis boys dressing up in woman’s clothing as a joke. they do it to laugh. they do it to say transphobic things and “jokes” to their shitty friends. There’s a reason why some of the most homophobic and transphobic guys are participating. I hate it so much and i wish people would stop praising it. All it does is hurt trans women

I feel sorry for any other trans girls at my school, this will probably shove them further into the closet. I know it did for me the past years

I feel so unsafe right now

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4, 7, 11, 12!

4. Would you every reject your humanity?

Only if Kars somehow makes like… a centaur mask. I’m up for galloping places. 

7. If you could have any canon stand, which one would it be?

WEEPS Crazy Diamond has my fav ability so definitely that. I want to fix things up too.

11. How did you get into JJBA?

It was summer and I was bored so I decided to browse through an anime list on one of them anime watching sites. I remember reading the words Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in orange against a black background. I was like “HAHA dude that sounds so bad and ridiculous and I’m totally up for watching a shitty anime today so let’s go guys.” I didn’t even take a look at the description or the cover art and pressed Play on the first episode and laughed so hard at the melodrama and it was everything I had never expected but at the same it was everything I ever wanted. Now here I am–the definition of melodramatic-sobbing-over-characters itself.

12. What do you think of Hirohiko Araki?

1. He’s a bizarre cutie.
2. He’s probably immortal.
3. He is a pleasant person who will treat you very nicely and is genuinely interested in you but he will turn around and destroy your emotions mercilessly with his manga.
4. He’s the modern Mona Lisa.

actually so buzzing right now like guys guys guys I published a thing and yeah it’s a self published ebook, whatevs but I DID IT. ME. I did 90,000 words. I did jokes. I did heartbreak. I did shitty front covers because I don’t know any graphic artists willing to work for free. I made up characters. I hit the upload button. Me.

This girl at my school that I guess I’m friends with (but she is pretty lame rly) was complaining/asking for advice and I knew that she knew that she wouldn’t take the advice I gave but she asked anyway

And she (I’ll call her girl 1) said that her best friend (who is racist and shitty and homophobic and a religious zealot, I’ll call her girl 2) was talking to 1’s ex boyfriend on tinder and she was like “should I be mad” and I said no wtf lol why would you be and she said that if she did the same thing to girl 2 it would be a huge deal and I said that was petty Bc it’s not like 1’s guy is her property or some shit

Anyway 1 told me that it was just “a thing” with girls and that all girls were like that and that if I asked any girl they would agree and I said that was dumb and she was like “whether or not it’s dumb it’s still a thing” and I couldn’t believe how fucking silly it was.

But girl 1 says stuff like this all the time she’s internalized misogyny so hardcore she like fully embraces gender stereotypes and she’s kind of racist and honestly if I was at a regular large high school I wouldn’t be friends with her but my senior class is only 12 people, so

Anyway it was fucking dumb

OK, so I was watching Mad Men live on my computer and just when that sedate businessman guy was going on about his life and how he wasn’t sure he was loved my internet crapped out.

Next I knew, Don was hugging him. What did that man say? 

On other notes - the best thing about the finale was Peggy and Stan getting together. 

Don still is a shitty father. Felt bad for his kids that he didn’t step up. 


I told you yesterday I’d make this blog entry worth it since I kinda, sorta forgot to about it yesterday….

And a lot happened today too.

I had a not-so-great day at work. But I don’t feel like typing about negative things.

I also did a very shitty thing to a friend today, but I’ll save that for another time.

Instead, I was thinking about my future husband.

Is that weird?

I mean, who knows, maybe I won’t get married to him. Maybe we’ll be perfectly fine being in a common-law relationship.

I’m not sure why I’ve been thinking about this lately.

I’m only in my early 20s so there’s no rush to find “him” yet.

But I think it’s because I’m tired of meeting guys and it not working out. I’m tired of feeling like I wasted my time on relationships that turned out to be crap, etc. etc. etc.

So I’ve been daydreaming about “him.”

(Again, am I the only one who does this?)

I have friends who right off the bat say “My perfect man/woman has to be good-looking.” But what does that mean? Good-looking to you may not be good-looking to me.

Heck, I’ve had crushes on people my friends thought were butt-ugly.

But honestly, I don’t care. Because I can honestly say I fall for the person’s personality and not just their looks.

So again, the person will be my type of good-looking. I can’t say if I want him to have brown eyes, or a shaved head or even a dimple when he smiles, because I don’t care.

I wouldn’t like it if someone didn’t like me because I had brown hair and not blonde hair. How lame is that?

But, if he looked like this, I wouldn’t mind either (hahaha):

(btw, that’s Don Benjamin. Get to know him.)

Okay, but seriously. I would love for him to be intelligent. And I don’t mean just book-smart, but the kind of guy who has opinions and aren’t afraid to share them. And his opinions are backed up by really good points (i.e. he can’t say he thinks the sky is pink and his point be “because I said so.”)

Creativity would be nice too. I once dated this guy who could look at any problem and fix it in a way you’d never thought of. 

He needs to be caring and supportive. Because I am the most supportive and caring person if I care about you and the last thing I need is for him not to be.

Honestly is the best policy. I’m sometimes too honest, I’ll admit, but I’d rather be able to turn to him and have him tell me like it is instead of wondering if he’s lying to me to not hurt my feelings.

This is totally optional, but it’d be fascinating if he had a talent. Like if he could sing, or draw or something. 

Hmm, what else have I been daydreaming about?

A deep voice. Oh goodness, am I a sucker for a man with a nice, deep, rich voice.

Of course he needs to be active! Let me say that again: He needs to be a gymaholic. Him and I will be gym partners, baby.

Also, I don’t want him to be the type of person who feels like he needs to do something with me every day in order to keep things interesting. I’m fine with lazy days. I daydream of finding a guy who I’m so comfortable with just being around and not saying a word (btw, we’re both reading in this fantasy) and still feel like I’m having the time of my life.

Also on that note: He needs to have a life. There’ll be days I wanna hang with my friends and he should feel fine hanging with his friends. We don’t need to be tied to the hip. 

And he needs to have the other basics:

an education. a job. be respectful/a gentleman. And maybe some of these too.

I’ll leave it at that.

And if you happen to find him before I do, tell him I’ve been looking for him and then send him this way please and thanks.



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wait okay! So recently u reblogged a post bout Harry Potter and a Slytherin champion being chosen from the goblet of fire. And u said that Rowling couldn't pull it off in the tags. I have zero things against what u said I'm just curious on why she couldn't, is it like her content level and skill or..?

It’s just … the way J.K. almost always presented Slytherins as the bad guys, even with characters we know nothing about. They are/were in slytherin? Everyone immediately dislikes and distrusts them. I don’t really have time to get into it now, but just the way J.K. glorified every shitty thing Dumbledore and Snape did, her (in my opinion) lackluster worldbuilding, I just don’t think she’d have it in her to craft a plotline like that.