Riker Lynch Imagine: Lasagna, A Mermaid and First Kisses

You finish setting up the table just as the doorbell rings. You quickly head to the door and open it up to see your boyfriend, Riker. “Hey, babe. How are you?” He says handing you a bouquet of red roses. “I’m good. Thanks for coming over.” You say shyly. “I made you my mom’s homemade lasagna.” “Sounds delicious.” He pulls out your chair and you sit down. And he pushes you toward the table and goes and sits down. Riker and you finish your dinner and you decide to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. He lets you pick the movie and you pick The Little Mermaid. “That’s a classic” He says. After the movie, he gets up to leave and as you go to close the door he opens up and grabs you and gives you a deep, passionate kiss. It’s the first kiss you’ve ever had and it melts your heart that he’s so gentle. He pulls away and says “Thanks for dinner. It was dinner. Next time, I’m cooking. I want to make my famous pork chops with macaroni and cheese.” “Definitely, babe. And he turns to leave and you close the door. You go to bed touching your lips, still feeling the spark from the kiss. He’s such a great guy, you think as you drift off into a peaceful sleep with dreams of Riker and you.

#tht to the time in middle school when I wrestled. And no I didn’t wrestled just for the hot guys, although that was an added advantage. Believe it or not I went undefeated that season! Thanks god for puberty! #singlet #guyonguy


Super planking in Jacksonville. #dogpile #guyonguy