I keep seeing posts about this Supergirl thing but I’m having trouble finding it online… Is it out yet? And also is the guy in it Marley from Glee or am I tripping?

anonymous asked:

if you want to blame someone for getting in the way of chris and gwyn's relationship, blame alexa chung and that guy from glee. they were fooling around with them before they announced their split publicly, a YEAR after they had split up. they were taking their time for the kids before divorcing (so says them). honestly i feel bad for jennifer because she's mixed up with a man who clearly is still deeply in love with his wife who kind of ditched him and jen is a distraction from his hurt.

It’s true what you say and I’m not blaming just Jen. I’m just saying to the other anon asking that i will never support the actions some people are doing. Like I love Jen but some of her actions I will never support because I know that we are different people at all times.

But in my opinion Jen is just as guilty as Alexa chung and that guy from Glee. In my opinion is just Jen always talk about family in such important way it just that her actions sometimes tells us a other story.