I was waiting in line and I was so nervous and excited and he smiled and said, “Hi sweetheart”, and I just gushed and started showing him my tattoo and started telling him the story when he said, “Give me a hug first”, and he gave me a big hug and had my photos with him. Then he held my hands, looked me deep in the eyes and said, “Hannah, I’m so glad you’re here, babe.“ And he gave me another minute hug. Then at autographs I told him my story.

“When I was 18 I went through the hardest time of my life. My mum and I got in a huge fight and she didn’t speak to me for a month even though I still live at home, my brother took her side, I was in my final year of school and I was basically Carrie White, and I was starving myself, but what hit me most of all was when my boyfriend cheated on me.

I was in a very long, very unhealthy relationship and he was my whole world. If I didn’t have him I had nothing, I was nothing, and because of that I was always bending over backwards. Even after that.

I didn’t understand why he didn’t seem to care what he’d done. It didn’t seem to phase him and he made me feel guilty about it, like I was the one who needed to make it up to him. That, plus all the other stuff that was going on, was too much. I couldn’t see the point of waking up to a shit storm everyday, so I tried to take my life. I downed a box of painkillers and washed it down with liqueur. I woke up the next day feeling very groggy and very disappointed. That’s when I started planning again. Should I hang myself? Where could I put a noose? Do I really want my mum or my brother to find me like that? Should I try to OD again? I was even beginning to sort through my things and my legs were so slashed up there were more wounds than intact flesh.

Supernatural has always been a good distraction from life and at the time season 6 was showing. Every week I’d lose myself in the world of Sam and Dean and when the new episode was over I’d marathon the back seasons over and over when I could.

I couldn’t help but sit and wonder all week what was going on with Sam. Could Death get his soul back? Is it going to hurt him, or worse?
That’s when I decided I’d wait until next week’s episode. That would roll around and I’d be sitting there going crazy over the cliffhanger. I did that for a couple of weeks because it was just too good. That’s when I decided I’d wait it out till the end of the season.

Of course by then thing had got better - my mum and I had made up, school wasn’t as bad, I slowly started eating again and he’d realised what he’d done, and starting acting accordingly.

At the end of 2013 I decided it was time to break up with him because it wasn’t a healthy relationship and it was doing nothing but damage.

Now I’m 22, I’m at a job I love (getting paid to play with puppies and kittens), I take no shit and I’m 1000x stronger and more confident, I’m studying vet nursing, I have a beautiful goddaughter and I’m in a relationship with an amazing man that thinks I’m the most beautiful, precious thing in the world.”

He kind of day silent for a second and I said, “Sorry, that was pretty heavy.” He said, “Yeah it was. But I’m so glad you’re here, and I’m so glad you shared your story with me. Thank you. Keep fighting, sweetheart.” Then he blew me a kiss.

This was the one thing I wanted to do in my life and now I’ve done it.

Thank you, Jensen, for saving my life. I will always appreciate it

continued rant about solas after haven

And you know what else? People keep talking about that scene after Haven when Solas struts up to the veil torch and lights it. And the fandom is so busy gushing over his switching hips that they can’t see he’s tricking us.

I guess the trick worked.

I think Solas was given the switch animation during that particular scene because he is tricking us. There is no “this is where we see the real Solas.” Solas was himself all along. He is always proud and wise and blunt. He always acts like an ancient elven god, and if we can’t see what he truly is, it isn’t because he succeeded in hiding.

Sometimes I think Lavellan saw the truth. She is given some pretty curious lines throughout the game. “Solas, whatever you’re looking for, we can find it together.” (during the break up scene). “Who are your people, Solas?” (if Briala is exiled). “You’ve been to court before?” (after Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts).  

Lavellan is on to Solas. And not because he’s a great actor. Solas told a story about being a hobo apostate, and then proceeded to act like an ancient being who disdains everything about the modern world. He constantly uses phrases like “this age,” and his constant excuse is “I saw it the Fade.” Meanwhile, no one challenges the Fade excuse but for Cassandra and Iron Bull, who are also on to him.

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I love it! Fiddles has never been the tall one. He's on a power trip right now. Stanford keeps yelling at him but Fiddles isn't even phased. He's just like, I'm sorry Stan. Your cute game is just too strong. Meanwhile, Stanley is trying to write notes and screams that he has useless chubby fingers. Completed by an adorable, sneeze, hiccup, or yawn from Stanford and Fiddles gushes. Stanford: "I swear to god, Fiddleford..."

Thank you so much Anon.
Kinda another thing to this: X.

I feel terrible for Jennifer

She deserves so much better.

All she’s ever done is gush about, “Once Upon a Time” and all of the people she works with. Is that such a bad thing? And is it such a bad thing to be supportive of an official fictional relationship that she plays a part in on the show?

She LOVES her job! She should be able to enjoy it with no problems at all. Her and everyone else included!!

I met Stephen Chbosky today, which was a pretty big deal for me. A friend gave me The Perks of Being a Wallflower my first week of freshman year at college, and it felt like a revelation and a gift. I had never read a book that treated the inner lives of teenagers with as much respect and thoughtfulness as adults. I read it and I felt so validated in so many ways.

Then I met him in person and he had the exact same effect. I gushed to him and he told me stories and acted like the two minutes we talked were as important as anything else he was going to do that day or had already done. He was warm and funny and genuinely delightful.

He asked for one of my books and I didn’t have one. But my awesome festival assistant friends (Thuy and Kimberly!) ran inside and got one. I got to sign a book to one of the authors who introduced me to YA and the amazing things it can do and be.

SO. I HAD A GREAT DAY. And I hope that I can be the type of author and person that he is, and that my readers walk away from meeting me feeling as special as they truly are.


Hey writers and artists and whoever else cares,

Peregrine falcons have a real specific form of hunting. I saw someone recently describe it wrong and I felt like gushing.
From Wikipedia:

Once prey is spotted, it begins its stoop, folding back the tail and wings, with feet tucked. Prey is typically struck and captured in mid-air; the peregrine falcon strikes its prey with a clenched foot, stunning or killing it with the impact, then turns to catch it in mid-air. If its prey is too heavy to carry, a peregrine will drop it to the ground and eat it there.   

Yeah ,man. Peregrine falcons almost exclusively eat birds, and because they can dive at 200mph, they stun their prey in midair. This, it turns out, is a lot easier than swooping and trying to grab something as you zoom past. 

It’s rad, you can apparently hear the smack of impact if you are watching, and at least one source tells me that the impact can dislodge the prey’s feathers.

Anyways, here’s a peregrine falcon attacking a bird three times its size.

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im the same about their hair! i think 2013 was peak hair times for them tbh! like pinof 4 hair. I NEED PHIL TO GO BACK TO PINOF 4 HAIR

I always feel so shallow bringing up their hair because it obviously doesn’t matter but YES I AGREE. 2013 was great but I think 2012 hair was my personal favorite. I just prefer it longer. Plus it’s kind of nostalgic for me…..I know I know, I’m insane lol. 

The shaved sides thing is really cool but it’s just taking me a bit to get used to. I would be surprised that Phil got it shaved so much again considering he didn’t really like it before. But then I remember Dan gushing for 5 mins on younow about how perfect it looked and how it was the exact hair he wanted, so I’m sure he influenced the decision a bit lol. Which is actually pretty adorable so I can’t complain! They always look amazing no matter <3

[ Excerpt from Article ]

Of course, the experience wasn’t all bad. Getting to perform again — especially with Hough — was “a dream come true,” she gushes. And she made a lot of “really great friends” in the other dancers, all of whom reached out to her after her elimination. “They’ve been so supportive,” she says. “It’s obviously competitive, but it’s not competitive on a personal level.”

Case in point? Fellow contestant Rumer Willis — who went on to win the Mirrorball with Val Chmerkovskiy on May 19 — stuck around with sister Tallulah Willis and mom Demi Moore for an hour after Liukin was voted off, just to tell her what a great job she’d done.

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I'm sorry, but I know you love Jensen as much as I do and I just need to vent about how much I love him these days, we got to see so much of him at the con, and he was perfect. Some days I look at him and the only thought I have is "want". Every time I see him I want to run to him and give him the biggest hug and tell him how much he is loved and appreciated. Gah. Can't handle it today. Thanks for letting me go on and gush.

You don’t need to apologize anon, it’s so good to see Jensen having fun especially in solo panels (this should happen more often), there is nothing better than having more of him. :)

Okay so there’s this really cute androgynous girl who has an undercut and a lip piercing who’s a regular at the coffee shop I work at and I get really flustered every time I have to take her order. I remember customer’s names and orders very quickly, but it took me six months to remember hers because I get so fucking distracted trying not to act like an idiot. 

So she was wearing short sleeves under her scrubs (yeah, she’s a nurse) for the first time in months today. AND SHE HAS A DEATHLY HALLOWS TATTOO ON HER FOREARM that I spotted immediately. She walked up and said “Hi” and I literally just said, “Oh my god.” And stared at her for a minute, unwilling to believe that this fantastic creature ALSO LOVES HARRY POTTER. And when I finally found my voice again I started babbling on like an idiot about how much I like her tattoo and how I have my HP tattoo. I couldn’t stop gushing about hers and she was giving me an amused look and omg I’m such a loser. *hides forever* 

I don’t even care about plots or fcs. I just want someone I can 1x1 with and that will send me a million ask memes a day and message me at 5 am with headcannons or just to gush over our babies! So if you’re interested in this message me or like this post and we can be awesome and write together!

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What are your favorite bands/singers?

There are so many, I seriously cab go for hours… So these are my favourite bands/singers: 

FKJ (i’m totally obsessed with it), Flight Facilities, Alt-J, Banks, Saje, Moi je, Bilderbuch, Kings of Convenience, Zak Abdel, Phoenix (saw them live, pure awesomeness), Bastille, Ben Howard, Bombay Bicycle Club, Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend, Goldfish, San Cisco, Shook, Lobo, Parov Stelar, Feist, Galimatias, Paradis, Revolver, Tom Misch, Jordan Elgie, Beakers, Amy Winehouse, Caravan Palace, Les Loups, Daft Punk, C2C, GUSH, Lemaître, RATATAT, Jamiroquai, Darius, Cherokee, etc…

If you are into this stuff: LET BE FRIENDS NOW!!!

ive gushed about it before but omfg i love tokomon u don’t understand aaaaa. I’m like tearing up on skype like a dummy thinking about how cute the patamon line is. I love that patamon is always like really brave and protective of his kid regardless of whether he’s a cute blob or a buff ass angel aaaaAAAA


Although she had yet to personally meet him, Abby had heard nothing but good things about Carlos, both in person and over the radio. Cecil did have a tendancy to gush, perhaps sometimes more than necessary. He had quickly become the town’s most recognizable citizen. She was able to pick him out of the Friday night crowd at Big Rico’s quite easily. She paid for her meal and made her way over to his table, smiling amiably at him. “Hi. Carlos, right? I’m Abby, Cecil’s sister.”

If there’s one thing I love about the Gravity Falls fandom, it’s how much talent there is out there. I’ve never had so many artists I’ve wanted to follow, so many theories to pick apart, so many lyric comics that have been so inspiring. This fandom is just dripping creativity from it’s pores.

and I’m really humbled to be a part of it. It’s like, I WANT to compare myself to everyone’s work… but for a style so universal, everyone takes it and makes it their own. I can tell moringmark from mistrel-fox from cherryviolets from kiki-kit from wittyarsonist from genalovestoons from life-writer. It’s so refreshing and inspiring and keeps me with a constant flow of interesting ideas and themes.

I’m just really glad I jumped into the fandom when I did. Sure, I haven’t been in the fandom a long time, but you are ALL incredibly talented, gifted people. This show is creating not just an army of crazed Dipper theorists, but the army of the next animators. I’m so excited to see that, and I’m glad you all think I’m worthy of enjoying what you offer to us all, free of charge. I’m even more humbled to be thought of one of the “better” artists in the fandom. That really means a lot to me and helps me continue to improve every day (because even an old coot like me can improve! Every day!).

Never think your work is bad! Keep doing what you love! Your work is what keeps this world turning. Don’t ever stop creating and reach for those dreams; you all deserve everything good coming to you, seriously. <3