So, I brought Gus a Simpsons comic and he just goes
“That’s cool!” I hand it to him and he’s just like “is this for me? Thank you!” And proceeded to tell me that he likes moe the best because he’s always grouchy. He even offered me a chip but I played it cool and declined, even though it was like 4 and I haven’t eaten.

Nash Grier deleted his tumblr and someone’s already hoarded his url and the only thing on it now is a picture of a naked Gus Sorola drinking beer while sitting on a chair in a corner. I’m fucking pissing myself over here.

another thing, my friends brother meet Gus and Jordan and his phone was being shitty so Gus is like “Hold on watch this” he got his own phone out and took a selfie (a duck face selfie at that!) and emailed my friends brother the photo. It was really cool of him to do instead of being pissed because it was taking so long.