Gunther and I continue our collegiate tour, stopping last night for a lecture on the art of Korra and a reception at Swarthmore University. The students there and from neighboring Bryn Mar and Haverford were all so wonderful to meet and talk to, and in Gunther’s case, to lick. Thank you for the very touching scrapbook that so many of you poured your hearts into. Good luck to all of you brilliant, young folks as you forge your futures and change the world!

After 7 days and 2,301 miles, Gunther and I made it to Providence, Rhode Island. I’ll be teaching a 5-week Wintersession course, “Design for TV Animation,” at my alma mater, the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). I have wanted to teach there ever since I was a student, and the timing finally worked out, though it is just a short stint. This is my first time teaching, so here goes nothing!