Wixoss Set 2 Unboxing


The box itself is actually fairly small irl. I was expecting something Vanguard/ Buddyfight size but it’s only 4” x 5.5.” Still, it manages to fit 20 packs inside it so I can’t really complain. 

So opening the box was quite fun and I of course took pictures of my shiny rare cards first:


I actually got Gunsnipe Ballista really early in the pack opening. She was in either the first or the second pack I opened. Red isn’t my favorite play style but the design is fucking awesome!


Next up we have Anna Mirage, Devil Princess. I feel like her card art is a bit busy (not counting how hard it is to snap pics of shiny cards anyway) but I like it enough. I do play black occasionally and I love cards like this.


Ahh the L Rare. I was honestly hoping for the Eldora IV, but getting White Hope isn’t too bad either. I wasn’t really considering playing white all that much (because I’m a dirty hipster) but if I don’t find someone to trade with I might give her a shot.


Holy shit was I excited for this pull! Freaking healing cards are the BEST in this game. Gonna add her to the trial deck asap. Also the only SR+ pack that didn’t come with a Life Cross LC card.


So I’m excited about getting another good White card (Wish Crisis) but HOLY SHIT DO YOU SEE THAT COMMON!

1) It’s Blue

2) It’s a fucking dinosaur!!! <333


So after looking through the trade bait I decided to get a little more analytic about the packs and the rates of the rarities and such.


Top row (left to right) SRs (4), Rares (14), LCommons (28), Commons (88)

Bottom row (left to right) LR (1), Foiled Rare (1) Foiled LCommon (1), Foiled Commons (3)

That was the basic breakdown of cards but I decided to compare the general distribution of cards by pack that I will show in just a bit. It’ll also list how many copies of each card I got.

Stay tuned!


Roth/Ira’s “Pet Project” Gunsniper 

This is my second HMM and the one I most majestically mangled with unhelpful experimentation. I painted everything while it was still on the sprues with a thick and glossy red flake spray paint and basically caused this thing to be stiff as starch, the tail hard to pose without snapping apart and needing fresh superglue, and one of the legs to be weaker than soggy noodles. However, I’m salvaging it as a “trashed” Zoid, like one found in a junkyard or abandoned in the desert or generally in bad shape from one too many close calls in battle. I still have to put all the gun arrays together, but for now I have the basic body done. I’m making it work. xD 

I had a blast tearing this guy apart in post, though…the scratches and slices and tears and chipped “paint” on the face and body… still needs detailing added, but it’s coming along. >w<