Huey P. Newton Gun Club

A group of 30 black men and women (and growing), in Dallas, who wish to resurrect the black movement of self-defense and self-determination in the name of the past Black Panther leader. 

Wednesday they publicly debuted staging an armed, but peaceful rally and march/police-the-police patrol around Malcom X and Martin Luther King Boulevard for just under and an hour and a half.

The Gun Club’s Demands are as follows:

 1. We demand the immediate end to police brutality, harassment, and murder of the people.

2. We assert the right of the people, particularly those of color, to bear arms and protect themselves where local, state, and the federal government have historically failed to do so.

3. We demand that the media, in coordination with police, cease immediately assassinating the character of victims subject to police terrorism.


Golden Tiger

Current generation Desert Eagle Mark XIX in the golden tiger stripe finish. Definitely an eye catching finish but not something for everyone. The gold finishes require a bit more maintenance and care than the matte black and stainless. Personally I’d rather get a solid gold one over the tiger stripe, just to have displayed in a glass box. (GRH)

Glock 20

The full size 10mm Auto member of the Glock family. I was initially looking for a Glock 17L backplate and this image popped up. I didn’t recognize the emblem and had no idea what it was until I went to the source. Figures it’s My Little Pony logo of Rainbow Dash. (GRH)