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Why was that person trying to smear Markiplier's name? Other than because of his popularity.

Attention of course. The sociopathic Social Justice movement has no perogative other than to tear down other people in order to elevate themselves in the name of “justice”. After all if they really wanted equality and justice, they wouldn’t spend so much time lying about things that happened to them instead of going after people who’ve done real, legitimate bad things who effect other people.

Thats why they target artists, entertainers, topical people; they’re visible, There’s a bigger chance of them being seen taking down their targets, and being showered with accolades and praise. And if they’re of a mind to do so, profit off of it.

We see this happening over and over again everywhere from webcomic artist Tom Siddell, author of Gunnerkrig Court , to Physicist Dr Matt Taylor, who landed a probe on a fucking comet.

They disgust me.

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You and all your really nifty gunnerkrig posts. --_-- You are totally going to talk me into trying that webcomic again, aren't you?

  • queer representation, and without any element of tragedy about it—there is some angst, but of the overcoming-own-internalized-heteronormativity kind and now they are gfs in luuuurve :3
  • so many hilarious and cute and epic moments
  • everyone’s. relationship. with everyone.
  • cityface, who is a pigeon
  • mort, who is a ghost
  • magic supercomputer
  • epic overarching plot and incredible lore
  • I T   W A S   W O R T H   I T
  • the art improves so frikking fast, the bad art is barely even a thing
  • the angel of the robots
  • the face of the king of the robots
  • the wits of the guardians of the chamber of the robots
  • the tragedy of the crush of the creator of the prototypes of the robots
  • robots
  • …ok, so there is the one robot, boxbot, who is just…terrible, but I promise it is only on a few pages
  • Parley and Smitty, who are super adorable dorks
  • magiscience

TL;DR: hell yeah I am

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uhhh ill tag people

tchydro celbalrai infini-tree i cant think of anyone else

[in no particular order]

  1. groot
  2. haruhi fujioka 
  3. every single dragon age companion ever 
  4. every single character in HOAStory
  5. varric gets his own spot
  6. so does shale
  7. so does morrigan
  8. lucifer from satan and me
  9. mike also from the same thing [read that thing srsly]
  10. all my friends ocs [every one. even if i know nothing about them]

o honourable mentions

every character from satan and me, i need to reread gunnerkrig court, nepeta, alot of things

spy and scout and pyro and heavy and engie and medic

too many characters to list omg