The Unshattered Soldier

I once knew a man who was in the first wave on Omaha beach in the great D-Day invasion of fortress Europe in 1944. His name was Ole Gunderson and he was a Swede from Minnesota. When I knew him he was a frail white haired little man in a home for old Veterans.

Sgt. Gunderson was a unique man. Many old soldiers are reluctant to talk about combat preferring to talk about the pretty girls in Paris or that time the Major got busted in the cathouse in Saigon. Ole had no problem talking about that day in June so many years before.

His story went like this. On the transport ship before the invasion he was scared witless. He couldn’t eat the steak and eggs the Navy had laid out for the men. Instead he dozed. During his brief nap he had a dream. He dreamed that he was an old man sitting in front of the television in his easy chair. Now this may not seem odd until you consider that in 1944 there was no television. Oh, it had been invented but it was something to marvel at not something people had in their homes.

When he awoke something odd happened to him. He lost all fear. He knew he was going to survive. In fact, he never left the easy chair. On the ride in when everyone else was shivering in the cold wind and the salt spray he was warm and toasty. When he hit the beach hit just casually walked toward the high tide line like he was strolling on the beach with his best girl. He lived and gained a reputation that day for being one of the bravest sons of bitches that ever lived. He never saw it that way. Lucky? Yes. Brave? No. It wasn’t brave if you had no fear. Bravery was overcoming fear and still doing your duty.

Hats off to you Sgt. Gunderson you lucky S.O.B.

๑ Samsaran ๑

back against the wall and odds
with the strength of a will and a cause

painful memories - normand corbeil // elegia - jacaszek // for the widows in paradise, for the fatherless in ypsilanti - sufjan stevens // oh death - noah gunderson // make it rain - ed sheeran // signal to noise - peter gabriel // heavenfaced - the national // fracture - bombay bicycle club // my name is lincoln - steve jablonsky // a real hero - college & electric youth // november was white, december was grey - say hi // all is well (it’s only blood) - radical face

U.S. Sgt. Michael Gunderson was on patrol in Iraq when he saw this little boy alone on the side of the road. He asked the boy where his parents were, and the boy replied that he didn’t have any parents. Taken aback, Sgt. Gunderson explained that surely he must have parents because otherwise there’s no way he could’ve been born. But once again, the boy said he didn’t have parents. The story didn’t add up, so Sgt. Gunderson put the boy in jail.

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love this singalong style happiness, thank you keepmyheart-slow for this gem.

We’re playing at the benefit gig for this gathering on the 12th March in Brighton, there’s gonna be workshops n stuff it’ll be cool. As far as I can tell Wildkatz project and The Gundersons are also playing.

LINK for facebook event.

LINK for Workers don’t need bosses page.

Workers don’t need Bosses!

A gathering for all those who want to help build a militant working class mass movement against the cuts, controlled by the grassroots.

The Cowley Club, Brighton, 12th to 13th of March 2011.

The TUC have called a legal, peaceful demonstration in central London on the 26th of March that over one million people are expected to attend, in opposition to the government’s public sector cuts. This will be the biggest demonstration in Britain since the anti-Iraq war protests of 2003.

However, as we all know, those protests were unsuccessful, showing that peaceful protest alone will not stop a government from acting against the people’s will. Strikes, occupations, civil disobedience, in short: DIRECT ACTION is what really gets results for the working class against the bosses and their government.

For these reasons in early January a national anti-cuts gathering held in Manchester (Network X) called for all those attending the demonstration on March 26th not to limit themselves to the TUC leader’s plans, but to use their own initiative and take direct action.

Network X also called for the demonstration not to be limited to unionised workers but to include all sectors of society affected by the cuts, such as benefits claimants, students, and non-unionised workers. To build the links between these different sectors of the working class it is obvious we need to go beyond the structures of official trades unions.

The Brighton gathering is intended for those who intend to respond to this call out to meet, network and discuss how best we can help the development of working class militancy, both on the demonstration and in the aftermath.

As well as organisational meetings there will be practical workshops on:

Workplace organising,

Legal and emotional support for demonstrators,

Fighting gender privilege in the anti-cuts movement

First aid,

Direct action training,

Producing grassroots publicity and alternative media

Food and accommodation will be available and there will be a benefit concert on the first evening of the gathering to cover the costs.

Email for more information, or to get involved

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“The initial guest list is pretty impressive: George Clooney; Paul Shaffer; Amy Poehler; Julie White; Dimitri Dimitrov; Michael Cera; Chris Rock; David Johansen; Maya Rudolph; Jason Schwartzman; Jenny Lewis; Phoenix’s Thomas Croquet, Christian Mazzalai and Laurent Mazzalai; Frederic Moulin; Rashida Jones; Miley Cyrus, and more.” src

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