…I know you have all lost friends and lovers, parents and children in the war; and I know you mourn your loss. But let me ask you. Since the Battle of Loum, is it not possible that we have all become too soft? Is it not possible that some of us have secret begun to believe there is nothing wrong with submitting to the Federation, given their size and overwhelming material superiority?

Well it is time to reaffirm our convictions! We, the people of Zeon, are a chosen people and we must never even considering giving into Federation corruption! Never forget what Zeon Zun Deikun, the heroic founder of our nation, taught us!”

-Gihren Zabi ‘Garma’s Death/State Funeral Speech’


“The Black Tri-Stars b went on to pilot the R-1A type, continually adding to their exploits. They became Rear Admiral Kycilia’s trump card, and were accordingly well treated.

In October of U.C. 0079, after land warfare training, they descended to Earth in preparation for Operation Odessa. Piloting the new heavy land warfare mobile suit MS-09 Dom, the team engaged the RX-78 in battle and was annihilated.”

Mobile Suit Variation Volume 2