Vepr 54R

Heavily modified AK / RPK hybrid variant. The Vepr’s use a thicker RPK style receiver and bulged trunnion. 7.62x54R models are somewhat of a bridge between the PSL-54 and the civilian SVD models; the Tigr and NDM-86. The custom camouflage finish however as I’ve mentioned several times in the past, will usually cripple your overall value and ability to sell it. If the owner/seller had left it all black, his potential buyer base would be much larger since not everyone likes a particular camouflage pattern. (GRH)


Evolution Weaponry custom Glock 26.

This is as close as I get to a “pocket pistol”. My real carry gun is my Glock 19 that’s customized similarly to this one. I do like this little Glock 26 though. It’s nice and light now that I’ve removed all that weight from the slide. The cut outs also provide an enhanced grip surface when performing weapons manipulations. Slide speed is increased and follow up shots are faster because the front sight comes back on target faster. The honeycomb slide cut out is Evolution Weaponry’s signature design. Reliability is NOT sacrificed by the holes in the slide. I have thrown it in sugar sand and walked all over it, tossed it into the woods and ran it over with an ATV, and I’ve kicked it into the dirt until it was buried. I did not experience any malfunctions following those tests. A magazine was fired after each test to ensure function. The recoil system has been tuned to handle hot +p+ Underwood Ammo loads as the primary consideration for shooting. The accuracy is significantly improved with the fitted Barsto barrel. The barrel is fitted custom to this specific slide and frame. Accuracy claims made by Barsto seem pretty reliable with all of their products when fitted properly. The trigger is significantly improved with the fitted trigger connector for a truly custom, hand fitted trigger. The pull is smooth and light, break is consistent and clean, at the end of travel. Theres no more crunchy, hard pull, the reset is very short and very positive. It could be lighter yet but I don’t feel the need to make it lighter at the expense of the striker spring. I don’t like light primer strikes with a carry gun, or any gun for that matter. Reliability is number one, always. The grip is more comfortable for me with the trigger guard undercut. It gives me a higher grip so it helps with recoil management and it just feels better to me. The sights are not my favorite though they are Trijicon HD night sights. I love Trijicon products but these just aren’t my preference. I’ll most likely go back to the Trijicon low profile Novak style night sights. My old Crossbreed is about worn out so I’ve got a new holster on order from a different company that I want to give a try. I’m also going to check out their IWB single mag carrier. I’ll post some pics and do a review when I get it and decide what to think about it. Evolution Weaponry is a combat veteran owned business. We manufacture our own brand of full custom AR15s and perform custom modifications such as these to Glock pistols. We also offer accessories and optics for our ARs and/or Glock customization packages. We can sell you a Glock customized to your liking or we can customize your existing Glock. www.evolutionweaponry.com
H&R Pardner Pump Protector Project (3)

Long overdue update on a very minor project I started late last year.

You can check the previous posts in the links.

Part 1 & Part 2

The very basic summary of the project was to turn a cheap but reliable H&R Pardner Pump Protector into something fun but practical. Bought an extended magazine tube, bringing the capacity from 5+1 to 7+1.

So from a normal shotgun to something a bit more, “interesting”. 

Breakdown on costs…
  • H&R Pardner Pump Protector = $165
  • Remington 870 LEO Folding Stock = $160
  • Choate Forearm + Heat Shield = $35
  • Extended Magazine Tube = $45

Total = $405.00

It was more of a fun project than a practical one. It’s still a very capable, reliable shotgun but it’s only major flaw would be the stock being not very user friendly. 

I may replace the bead sight with something else later down the line for now it’s mostly done.


The Heinemann MP32

This toggle-joint submachine gun was designed by Karl Heinemann in the early 30s. It was chambered for 9x19mm Parabellum and had a very heavy barrel. Only a handful were originally produced, but there was some revived interest in the design in 1935 when FN Herstal bought the production rights. The FN Model 1935 was an improvement on Heinemann’s original MP32, re-chambered for 7.63mm and fed from 20- or 40-round curved magazines. Despite being a reportedly solid weapon, it didn’t attract any buyers.


I thought this was a post but it was one of those sponsored ads that pop up on your dash every now and then. Why yes overstock.com I need some shotgun parts and towels. I guess I found it ironic cause I was going to do an update post on a shotgun project I was working on. Weird. (GRH)