2 things that changed my hustle to get into the art industry: 1) Years ago, before I broke into it, an artist friend told a group of us artists who got together to draw weekly at Claire de Luna, a coffee shop in San Diego, “It’s because of you lazy f%@ks that I get work”. I think he meant that as a motivational pep talk? To say the least, I never was lazy again. HAHA 2) Seeing how my pal Ryan Benjamin never got complacent when he was already at the top of his game, he took the time to make himself knowledgeable from 2D to 3D to animation allowing doors opening to many opportunities. He’s the real deal. A true role model for anyone.

On a side nite since I have to post a pic per post on IG….this is the cart design I did in #sketchup for my #bastions7 / #gumshoes4hire crossover. #cheeks74 #seancheeksgalloway #vizdev #propdesign #modelsheet #scifi #vwbus #pimpmyride #comics #3D #art #drawing #creatorown #ip

Gumshoes 4 Hire Kickstarter sneak peek 5!

TaffyStudio and Gurihiru are excited on the progress of the pages!  We’re getting closer to our Kickstarter launch! 

Gumshoes 4 Hire:

Created and Designed by: Sean Galloway

Plotted by: Sean Galloway and Kevin Hopps

Written by: Kevin Hopps

Breakdowns: Rob Haynes and Sean Galloway

Finishes: Gurihiru

Additional color assists: Sean Galloway 

Lettering: Rob Haynes

Backgrounds: Sean Galloway and DJ Welch

Hope y'all digs!

3x5 Art Challenge:Day 4. I nominate 2 amazingly talented artists/friends that made an impact on me during my journey into the art industry, @raheight and @toddnauck. This goes WAY back to the first #LBCC convention (2003-2004), when Ray introduced me to Todd. Naturally, I was geeking out. For me, the meeting was amazing. Todd was super cool. Later he asked me to draw a short story for his sweet creator-own comic, #Wildguard. I’m nominating Ray and Todd because of the impact they made on this once young artist, and for their dedication and passion to find time to work on their own personal projects in-between their jobby-jobs. This started a fire within me to create my own properties. I.e. #bastions7, #gumshoes4hire #littlebigheads and #shadowpirates! #creatorown #diy #selfpublish #makecomics #comics #seancheeksgalloway #cheeks74 #rayanthonyheight #toddnauck

Working on the box layout for my #bastions7 #zero design. The sculpt will come with both floppy editions of Bastion’s 7 #1 and #Gumshoes4Hire #1. Ordering info coming soon! Sculpted by #ChristopherWright. #diy #creatorown #selfpublish #resinsculpts #scifi #superman #dccomics #indiecomics #comics #makecomics #seancheeksgalloway #cheeks74 #tabletaffy #shadowpirates #manofsteel

This is a glimpse of the #Bastions7 #Kickstarter Companion Book 1 PDF I just sent to my backers. I hear my pillow calling me, but before I finally lay down for a nap, I want to thank everyone for being a sweetheart about my post a few days ago in regards to my lack of sleep this week. Because of your kindness, I’ll post a link so that anyone can download the first chapter (eight pages) of #gumshoes4hire over on my @tabletaffy_studios page. Sound okay? #seancheeksgalloway #diy #creatorown #tabletaffy #makecomics #comics

I mentioned before I recruited the amazing #LeonelCastellani to come aboard my studio, #TableTaffy, to work together. Originally it was to just work with me on the #Cheats4Hire game I art directed and designed to animate my designs this year. I’ve been a fan of Leonel’s work for years because of his ability to tell incredible stories visually and all the while being able to flip-flop between a variety of styles. Because of the amazing experience of working with Leonel on the game and from the knowledge of his work on the Marvel Superhero Squad comics as well as the animated series title cards for it, or even from his covers for the Disney’s Chip n Dale’s Rescue Rangers comics that it would be a no-brainer he would be a great fit for the stories I want to put out for my #creatorown #ip’s.

People ask me pretty frequently why did I or what inspired me to create #Bastions7, #Gumshoes4Hire, or #LittleBigHeads. My inspiration came about for these 3 IP’s from the charm, excitement and everlasting impact from cartoons such as (just naming a few) Bionic Six, M.A.S.K., Mighty Orbots, Scooby Doo, Gatchaman, Transformers G1, Thundercats G1, & pretty much all the Hannah Barbera stuff made on me.

It’s been an ongoing inside joke @ the conventions of people asking me when they were going to see a block of Cheeks’ Saturday morning cartoons? I’m truly humbled that people are showing interest in the stories that I want to tell, create & design. It’s definitely my fuel to create stories for all-ages. For now, baby steps. haha I’m just grateful that I can tell these type of stories via books, and we are making good headway doing so.

Right now, we already have B7, and G4H issues 1 done. Issue 2 for both of them have begun already. The first chapter of my #Bastions7 #ShadowPirates story is done as well and we started on chapter 2 for it. I’m happy to announce Leonel will also be drawing Bastion’s 7 issues 2-4!

More exciting news to share with you in another post about Little Big Heads very soon, so in the meantime please enjoy the amazing cover Leonel did for my B7 Companion book. My Facebook page has full view. Link in my IG profile. #cheeksgalloway #seancheeksgalloway #diy

Meet Ryan Thomsen. He’s the founder of #gumshoes4hire club. He works at a mom-and-pop diner, so he can make that coin to take out his girl, Jennifer Greene, as well as to keep up with his comic collection. Ryan is hearing-impaired and whenever the sleuths are on a case the whistling noise from his hearing aid sometimes gives them away. I created this character by combining my two best friends Jeff Thomsen and Ryan Benjamin.

This illustration is from the first four card set for G4H. Art: Sean Galloway and Pedro Delgado.
#supernatural #hearingimpaired #g4h #makecomics #indiecomics #indiebooks #mysterystories #sleuths #detectives #diy #creatorown #ip #seancheeksgalloway #cheeks74