Most of the time, I prefer working with stuffs all by myself in my own little world. I can be random and quirky, or serious and practical. I don’t know- there would really moments that I can’t even understand myself. I am moody and impulsive, and for that I hate and despise myself. But you know, there would also be reasons for me to be happy and love myself.

another set of vanity during my self effort “photo shoot” wearing a hippie fashion or whatever using manual focus in dslr.

Aca-awkward~ Ang awkward pala na nakakatawa kapag yung tao na nakasanayan mong katext eh nagpapadaan nalang ng GM sayo at ganon ka din sa kanya. Ang weird isipin na hindi na talaga kami nagkakatext. Wala. As in wala na. BWA. So patawa lang at medyo naninibago pa ako pero dapat kong tiisin to. Ew. Ang drama lang. Ah basta, goodbye na muna. 

Happy Birthday sa kanya. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Dapat papalagpasin ko muna tong araw na to bago ko sya i-confront ng questions na bumabagabag sakin eh, kaso everything just spilled out from my mouth. Ew. HAHA! Last and latest photo namin. After Christmas Cantata yan eh. Katabi ko ang Magiting Bros. 

Pagbigyan, birthday eh.


Everything has changed.

I am improving guys! You should be REALLY happy for me, seriously. I am starting to wake up early than before and today was very productive…I guess? :D

Oh well, after lunch, we went to PLDT and passed our application for the internet connection. Around 4pm, I met up with Kathline and Bia at the G-Sports center. I didn’t worked out but I was convinced so maybe on Friday. :) 

For faster stories, i’ll go with bullets.

  • Talk, talk, talk with them.
  • Saw Don. :D 
  • Walked from the gym center to Kathline’s crib.
  • Used their fast net connection beybe.
  • Planned to help Chola for her “pre-debut” shoot and the tarpaulin thingy.
  • Vain with them and then dinner.

I got home by 8pm and it was fun fun fun.

I continued my painting because I think my time is running out and yeah. I really need to work with this.

ps, the three of us, Kathline, Bia and I are LSSed with TS ft. Ed’s song “Everything Has Changed” hihih.

minsan, balang araw

Minsan masaya ako.

Masaya dahil buhay pako’t nakakagalaw.

Nakakagalaw na tila isang malayang ibon.

Ibon na malayang nakabuka ang pakpak upang lumipad sa himpapawid.

Sa matayog na lugar, kelan ko kaya iyon mararating?

Mararating din matapos ang libong hapis na aking buhat.

Buhat ko sa mahabang paglalakabay ko nang may m’wang. 

M’wang na marahil ay nakakaintindi na ng lubusan.

Namulat sa mundong ito, ako’y balang araw aahon.

Aahon sa tambak ng masasakit na pangyayari

Mga pangyayari na ako mismo ang nakasaksi.

Nakasaksi sa kung anu pa’t makakapagpalaya sa aking nakakulong na isip.

April 11th

So far so good, I guess? Today is one of my unusual days. I met the rays of the glorious sun by 6 am. Did some stretching just to keep my blood flowing correctly through my veins. After that, I went downstairs to take some real food. For the first time this summer, I had my real breakfast. Not the brunches but breakfast! I had scrambled eggs and a cup of rice. Yum yum yum.

After my breakfast, I immediately sat in front of the computer and continued watching Rooftop Prince. The near end parts really frustrated me. It brought me a salad of emotions. Excitement because I can sense that there’s something good that’s bound to happen but also sad because of the undeniable sequence of event that the hero in the series needs to return to his time. Yep, it’s a twist of fate as what TSwift says on her song. The lovers’ story is a consequential fight against fate and time.You know, living from two completely different time and then you suddenly found that someone who’ll make good and happy memories with you but you can’t just ignore the fact that anytime, that person will also leave you because that’s fate has prepared for the two of you and it was a necessary thing to be done. Because even though you selflessly love that person, if it’s time and fate that won’t agree, it’s a tough match to beat. The sad part continues when right after their wedding, the hero in the story was already needed to go back to where he belong before. It really struck me. I wanted to cry watching that moment but tears didn’t escape my eyes and the burden of emotions were just trapped in my chest and it’s HEAVY! Really heavy that it became hard for me to breathe. The two of them were just left with tears and they are on the line of acceptance and “no-I-don’t-want-you-to-go-yet” part. It’s a pretty hard decision but no matter what choice they make, the hero still needs to leave which saddens me again and again and again. It breaks my heart; it breaks my heart to see two people who tremendously loves each other and yet need to part ways. But back in his time, he solved the crime and he still carries in his heart the love he always had towards her heroine. Even back then, the “past version” of his heroine had feelings for him. It’s a long and complicated story so it’s really hard to narrate. Phew~ so ok, the ending definitely left me hanging!!! The heroine in the story met the same yet new guy in the present time - same with the features yet new because of the qualities and story they could give to the lass. :) 

It’s a nice story, though, despite of the fact that it really left me hanging in the end and I’m here curious what could possibly happen with the two of them- with the new story and memories they’ll be making. But yeah, I have to admit the ending still touched my heart and every single cell in my body. It is where the two of the held hands and the girl remembered how his past lover touches her hand - the warmth and security it gives her. Then, tears were flowing over her eyes plus the sunset. Mygawd. Why is that so cruel. Lol, enough already. It’s a good watch so download and watch it people!!! 

And…back to my day. 

After watching it I cleaned the second floor and right after that, wrote on my diary the contents of my heart - the deepest contents, I guess. Then, I fell asleep again then woke up because of lunch. It was so hot that I chose to lay down on my bed and put the fan near me. I fell asleep again. Woke up by 3pm and took a bath. I cleaned myself and fixed my hair, went downstairs and ate Saging con yelo. Right after my merienda, I went out to the streets and went to the nearest internet cafe. There I uploaded our photos in facebook since the capability of our internet connection with regards to uploading is very low. I was pretty nervous because I thought I don;t have enogh money to pay the rent but luckily it’s just enough. I’m back home around 5:30 or 6pm I guess? Oh well, I went online again and then had some personal posts to do. 

No artworks but write ups and chores were done during this day. 

Quite productive, huh?


btw, my high school friends and I planned for Bia’s birthday bash here in our house. We’ll be celebrating it here plus an overnight. 

Sa totoo lang, habang tumatanda ako mas gusto ko talaga gumala.Yung pumunta kung saan-saan at iexplore yung lugar. Tapos idodocument ko yung mga lugar na napuntahan ko. Pwede ko din gawan ng photo essay yung buong araw ko. Basta, madami akong gusto gawin. At nga pala, alam mo bang napag-isipan na mag enroll sa Big Foot pag nagka-work nako in the near future. Sort of Master’s degree siguro. Para naman hindi ako ordinaryong Fine Arts graduate. Aba! Hahanap talaga ako ng paraan para naman may silbi ako sa family ko. Kahit wala akong “title” such as Architect, Engr. or Atty. or whatsoever, basta makatulong ako kela Mama and Daddy ayus na yun. Yung magiging good influence ako at siguro magaling na din ako story writer nun o kaya Concept Designer or Character Designer. My gawd. Naiimagine ko na sarili ko nagwowork sa Dreamworks o kaya sa Pixar o kaya sa Disney. Basta somewhere na malapit sa mga bata.