gummrapper said:

Omg that picture of demon!natsu with Lucy's keys! It's so awesome! Do you think your gonna draw a picture of when natsu realizes what he's done? :DDD


OMG! I wasn’t really planning on it, cause like ma blog be all angst, but likeee… idk that just gave me a good idea xD but thanks sooooooo much love!!!! That really means a lot that you sent a message B) Im glad you like it, I was kind of certian people would be like, um no.


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answered by RomaHeroic


1.)what is the biggest change in the world you would hope to make?

I would like to teach people about Equality for all people no matter the gender, race, religion, or sexuality. I would also like to teach people about not judging others so harshly for their life chooses.
2.)what is your passion?
I like to analyze things, such as peoples characters and book characters and make theories about what I think s going to happen. I also like to disassemble stage lights. I’m also an artist even though my art isn’t that good. I like to help my friends a lot too.
3.)favorite character and why?
Homestuck: Davesprite, because he is such a rad awesome dude.
I also like John because He is such and open character but he is misunderstood alot.
Hetalia: Sweden, because he is such a sweet heart.
Romano too, because He is an amazing character but the fandom has misinterpreted him so badly, it make me want to vomit.
DtmG: Billy Joe Cobra, because.. Well look at him how do you not love him as a character!
HinaBN: Zombie/nameless/ I call him Ulysses like Hana did that one time, because he is so mysterious, But I love all the characters In this story just because they are all perfect.
I’ll stop this for now but i cant have one favorite Character out of all my fandoms I love all the characters too much! :)
4.)what book/movie/play/game would you like to live in?
I’m stuck between Hetalia, homestuck, and Harry potter, But probs Hetalia because it would be so cool t be a new nation and make friends with the other nations! :D
5.)how do you think you will die?
Probably of a mix of cancer, diabetes and kidney failure.
6.)Do you know I consider you a friend even if we don’t talk? P.S. come talk to me
yes! and I try to talk to you be since my computer broke down, and I have to us my family computer, It has been hard to get on.

7.)what is your favorite body part (ex: legs)
on myself: My sholders I am very proud of them. They are like one of the only things I like about myself!
On others probably The calves, I have respect for peeps with nice calves, Butts are  nice too!
8.)what fandoms are you in?(if you are not in a fandom, what is your favorite book/movie/show)
Dude That’s My Ghost
Touch Detective
Hana is Not a Boy’s Name
Tamako Market
kinda Utapri i guess
Harry Potter
Pokemon kinda
Lord of the Rings
Waiting in the Summer
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy
Animal Crossing


9.)Did you enjoy this?
Tots bro!

My Questions:

1) Out of your biggest fandom what are your ships?
2) what is your otp of otps from real life or fandoms it doesn’t matter.
3)What is your favorite video game? and why?

4) What are your hobbies?
5)Who is favorite artist?
6) What styles of music do you like? Favorite band or singer?
7) What Is the fandom you identify with the most?
8)What is your Favorite class in school?
9) what fandoms are you in?