gumimis asked:

Player! nice blog! Quick question... what is the name of the tune ... the first tune playing with Rolling Stones theme in the background? thanks

The song is The Proclamation by The Underachievers

Ok, it's 10:14 PM. What to do?

I’m just busy designing a poster for my friend.  Because I’m supposed to be her “Secret Santa” and give her something for Christmas.  Supposedly, it should be less than 50 bucks, but what kind of K-Pop merchandise can you find in HK for less than $50? 

NONE.  It’s like a barren landscape here.  Despite HK being an international country, there’s nothing interesting for K-Pop. 

Anyways, I decided just to make a poster of the guy she likes the best.  And I think I’ve done a pretty good job.

Ok, back to business.  Of reblogging.  What a life I have.  I just ADORE cars.  They were my first love.  Even before K-Pop.  So, on this blog, one should expect great car after great car. You may not have to agree with what I say, just acknowledge the fact that I’m always correct somewhat unbiased.

Jeez, I sound like such a n00b.

Ok, I’m just doing this so that there are breaks between by lengthy reblogs.  So, a text post every now and then helps.

Time to go on working my dear followers.  Oh, and to |gumimis| and |marcvin252000|, thank you so much for following me! ^^