Gin Daisy

  • Genever - 2 oz
  • Lemon Juice - ½ oz
  • Orgeat Syrup - 4 dashes
  • Maraschino - 3 dashes
  • Soda Water - 1 dash
  • Shake everything except soda with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Add soda on top.

From Jerry Thomas’ The Bar-Tender’s Guide, 1887.

Daisies and Fixes are both essentially Sours that were spiced up with liqueurs and flavoured syrups. While Fixes are built directly in a small bar glass and garnished with fruits, the Daisies are shaken and strain into a large cocktail glass and filled up with soda. Each Daisy were flavoured differently: Brandy Daisy has curaçao; Whiskey has orgeat syrup; and Gin Daisy uses maraschino. You can use either orgeat syrup or gum syrup in this one, I chose orgeat just because it works so well with maraschino liqueur.

Although it did indeed says “large cocktail glass” in the book, but even largest cocktail glasses in those days were small by today’s standard. Basically you’d want one that has 3.5 to 4-ounce volume, so only a small splash can be added for effervescence, but enough to drown out the other flavours.