Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1910 by Newton W. Gulick

como muchos sabran el mail de mi antigua cuenta fue desactivado y tumblr me pidio cambiar mi contraseña si o si…por ende perdi toda posibilidad de recuperar mi tumblr. Fue una mala noticia, les pido perdon si repito este mensaje en todos lados de a poco queremos recuperar a todos nuestros viejos amigos

He creando esta nueva cuenta!

Lyrics for a new song I'm working on

A day like today makes up for yesterdays shortcomings

It’s funny to say I’ve yet to see your pretty face around here

Just look at me now a face in the crowd searching for your approval

Girl I’ve caught your eye

The time is not on my mind

This world can wait to turn

Because you are my only concern

It’s just you and me I believe

Our weary hearts tend to avoid such troubled pasts

But these valleys call for a love to last

Others may see the dedication as false

This is a fact, giving up is no last resort

It’s true that we have had our faults

But few have made it through on calm waters

Through unbearable disease we have shown our strengths

Broken souls and faltered faith has proved us worthy

Girl you’ve caught my eye  

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The Purpose of this Blog

Well this is me Jon Castro speaking.. again.. totally not anyone else.

Anyways I thought I’d like to just go down what I aim to use this for:

1.) I like to write.. I like to look at blank pieces of paper as canvases.. small cheap canvases you can buy at the dollar store.

2.) I have many interests.. whether it be smart music, films, good conversation, skateboarding, talking to girls, and philosophy.

3.) Uhmm.. forgot what number three was going to be.

4.) I love to connect.. with people from anywhere and everywhere.

5.) I feel that tumblr is a place where people can express things they love and not feel ashamed. There’s a certain sort of individuality that I like about this place already.

6.) I am technology savvy 

7.) There was this Asian looking chap who I met at University this past year.. he advised me to look into this social networking giant, and despite being rather reluctant I have succumbed and now am excited to join the Tumblr ranks! Tally-ho!

Yep that’s about it.. again this is the one and only Jon Castro speaking.. 


Take The 10,000 Step Wellness Challenge

Take The 10,000 Step Wellness Challenge

Are you looking to lose body weight or decrease your percent body fat over the next month? Maybe you’re looking to lose an inch from your hips or waist? Or maybe you’re looking to reduce the amount of daily sugar that you’re currently consuming? If so, then you definitely need to take part in this upcoming month-long 10,000 Step Wellness Challenge. The challenge will start on Wednesday October 1,…

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