we must ignore the system to death, in order to defeat it

hear no system

see no system

speak no system 

what if we ONLY focus on what we want, from here on

especially as protesters

instead of “Fuck Monsanto!”

let’s make it something like “Grow Organic!”

or instead of “We Live in A Police State”

it could be “We Must Live In Freedom”  

its kind of hard…  i am contemplating this often 

Me laying on the front steps of Trinity Church in Princeton, NJ as we are being told we need to leave. While marching we made contact with them telling us we were able to stay the night. By the end of our escapades we were told we must vacate by 9pm or face “the law”. You think dealing with the #D17 action and the conviction of Mark Adams who received 45 days in Rikers; occupiers would have learned a lesson. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM CHURCHES NAMED TRINITY! 

Four Arrests at Zuccotti Park As “Occupy Guitarmy” March Reaches NYC

A little over a hundred members of the “Occupy Guitarmy” gathered in Zuccotti Park yesterday afternoon, singing in protest against Wall Street and wielding guitars, ukuleles, melodicas, and accordions. The birthplace of the Occupy Wall Street movement served as the final destination of the National Occupy Guitarmy 99 Mile March, which began in Philadelphia on July 5th. The march was held in honor of Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday and aims especially to raise awareness for the funding of musical education.

Ramarley Graham Vigil To Be Held At Bronx Criminal Courthouse Occupy Guitarmy To Occupy Courthouse On Eve Of NYPD Trial

This Thursday, September 13, Occupy Guitarmy will join the family of Ramarley Graham at the start of the trial of the NYPD officer charged with the killing of their son. The courthouse will be the site of a large group of social justice activists including Stop Stop & Frisk, Take Back The Bronx and hip hop group Rebel Diaz.

On February 2, Ramarley Graham, an 18-year-old Bronx resident, was followed home from a local convenience store, shot and killed by officer Richard Haste inside his own home. The community was outraged at this brutal and unnecessary act, and Ramarlay’s story has now been linked to the large number of victims of police brutality in the city. Many prominent communities, from city councilmen (Jumaane Williams) to religious leaders (Rev. Al Sharpton) have spoken on behalf of Graham and against the policies of the NYPD.

Bronx Courthouse Occupied

On the eve of the trial the Occupy Guitarmy will lead a group of activists from Union Square on an eight mile march to the Bronx Criminal Courthouse (215 E 161st St.) where they will perform a “sleepful protest” outside the court’s doors.

The Occupy group wishes to highlight the confluence of policing problems evident in the tragedy of Ramarley Graham: an out of control surveillance state, lack of proper police training, racial profiling, unlawful entry, and unwarranted use of lethal force. These are endemic problems within the NYPD’s failed drug enforcement and Stop & Frisk policies.

March leaves Union Square Wed, Sept 12, 3pm
March arrives Bronx Courthouse 215 E 161st Street at 7pm
Songs and Occupation into the night

9am, Bronx Criminal Court (215 E 161st Street)
1pm: Vigil for Reynaldo Cuevas, a man shot by a police officer while he escaping the scene of an armed robbery. At Aneurys Deli Grocery at 1299 Franklin Ave.

The Occupy Guitarmy is a musical street action project of the OWS Music Working Group. The leaderless, multi-instrumental group plays and sings in support of workers and for actions supporting economic, environmental, or social justice. The group’s two most recent actions were a trans-Manhattan march in support of the Russian musicians and political prisoners Pussy Riot, and a 99 mile march from Philadelphia to NYC to celebrate the 100th birthday of Woody Guthrie.

For more information, please see www.guitarmy.org @owsmusicgroup @owsguitarmy

Contact: music@nycga.net
Goldi 917-382-9868


Haven’t blogged in a couple weeks. Still recovering emotionally, psychologically, physically and mentally from the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia and then the Guitarmy 99 Mile March to OWS that followed. Saw and experienced a lot of things and still don’t quite understand them. Sigh. 

Support the Occupy Wall Street Bail Fund by downloading “Which Side Are You On?”

Featuring Jello Biafra, Tom Morello, Michele Shocked, Rebel Diaz, the Occupy Guitarmy, and thousands of occupiers! The track is now available for download. All proceeds go directly to bail demonstrators out of jail.  


All hands on deck - via twitter::: @99MileMarch

The 99 mile marchers are in need of food and water to sustain the march into NYC. They are planning to arrive in Trenton NJ tonight at 8pm.

The main party is relying upon donations via money, water, and food from the locations 1) they travel through and 2) locations they stop to rest.

We need to ensure the march reaches sustainability till it reaches NYC. Very hot out today and there is no word of heat casualties, needs, or status of march.

Anyone in the area of the marchers, enroute to NYC from Philly, are encouraged to offer any assistance possible.

A quick update on this adventure with #Guitarmy on the #99MileMarch

I found out about the march on my way up to the NatGat.  Wasn’t quite prepared for it at all but knew the moment I heard about it that I must go.  I’m on the third day now.  It’s 11:44 pm and I’m leaning up against the wall of a strange building in Trenton, NJ.  

The first day was hard.  It was 100+ degrees and we marched 15 miles.  I spent the last of my cash to keep my phone on and didn’t have much to eat.  Breakfast that morning consisted of a granola bar and green super food (you put it in water and drink it- like liquid veggies).  Later throughout the march, some wonderful ladies passed out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and that was all i had to eat for the day.  I chanted/sang my ass off and wore myself out a little more than I knew.  As soon as we landed at the farm I set up the tent and passed out- which meant I missed dinner.  The next morning I awoke and found breakfast to be oatmeal and fruit.  After marching 15 miles on peanut butter and jelly I needed protein- bad.  They ran out of eggs before i woke up- which was pretty early-  8:45… but not early enough.  Within about 2 hours I had a major breakdown.  I asked for more food and was told to be more self reliant.  

Yeah so I am broke.

It’s not fun to be broke and maybe I should not have come on this journey with no money but my heart led me here…  and i didn’t expect resources to be so low.  I wish I had done more fundraising for this.  I wish I could fundraise for myself…  I screwed that up a while ago.  Some of you may remember that…  My WikiLeaks campaign that went terribly wrong :\  Lost that wepay account…  I’ll talk about that again later, maybe.

So anyways, I actually slammed a door and ran off crying because I was so offended that I was being told to be self reliant when I was in such a state of exhaustion and hunger- especially after how much work I have done for this movement and how much I put INTO this march.  I go and hide in my tent and BAWL.  Next thing I know a few different people are at my tent, bringing me *more* peanut butter and jelly, lemonade and chips.  The lemonade and chips were heaven.  Another woman brings me a piece of cheese- what I originally asked for.  I eat it all and pass out for most of the day.  Needless to say I missed the march.  They went 18 miles.  And it was hot, hot hot out there.  

That night we all had a big concert/jam session but I was not really feeling well still.  I passed out and woke up this morning and ate eggs very happily.  We had a torturously long GA where we all mostly complained and got almost nothing done, regarding solutions.  And there is a very mentally ill woman causing a bit more trouble than we need right now…  It is quite hard to know how to deal with her in a loving way.  

To talk about something postiive- The farm- Snipes Farm, in Philadelphia, was amazing.  Beautiful.  Much gratitude and thanks to them for providing us with a place to rest for 2 nights.

Right now I am about to pass out.  I am going to have to find a way to get some cash in my pocket and hopefully raise some funds for this march.  We are getting SO much positive feedback from people on the road and I can tell what we are doing is GOOD and essential right now for this country.  We are planting seeds of courage and change.  As hard as this journey had been for me- physically, it is absolutely worth it.  I look forward to tomorrow.