Steampunk Freestanding Guitar and Amplifier 

From Kerry Rowe :

This piece recently won me a Gold and First in Class for decorative exhibit Cake International. To clarify everything that you are looking at is all completely edible. It is fondant icing which began life as white as was hand painted in edible dusts mixed with cocoa butter or rum, the latter giving me a stinking hangover (lesson learnt, do not drink the paint, lol  ). The glass dials are gelatine and the dials themselves what we call rice crispy treat mixed with marshmallows and shaped. For display and competition purposes it does have internal supports. 

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Photos via CakeDecor


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Happy holidays, everyone! One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a joint effort by my wife and mother in law: they made some of my Instagram photos into coasters! They picked great shots too, all of important guitars from the last few years. There’s the Sherwood Green Fender Custom Shop Jaguar made for Smashmouth, the triple pickup Mustang I built for @skj48 that was featured in Premier Guitar, the fully-restored ‘69 Gibson SG now owned by our pal @deebeeus, and the Vista Series Squier Super-Sonic I sold to my pal @rowdygleason last year. I miss all of my children, but these four are immensely important, so it’s great to have them in a physical thing to keep! THANKS! #guitar #instagram #photos #coasters #christmas #gifts #presents #gibson #gibsonsg #sg #fender #fenderguitars #jaguar #offsetguitars #mustang #supersonic #seattle