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New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District has become the chief bellwether for American political trends over the last decade, with a Democrat winning the district in 2006, losing it in 2010, regaining it in 2012 — and now facing a tight battle again.

The catch is that it’s the same Democrat, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, and for the third consecutive election she’s facing the same Republican, former Rep. Frank Guinta.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend: O’Brien loyalists defend Guinta

A handful of Bill O'Brien loyalists have responded to calls by Sen. Kelly Ayotte and state House Speaker Shawn Jasper for Frank Guinta’s resignation by defending the beleaguered congressman.

As usual, the most colorful comments came from state Rep. Al Baldasaro (R-Londonderry). “Fellow Republicans do we follow the lead of some for Guinta to resign or do we stand by our constitution and say kiss our butt?” he tweeted.

Baldasaro dismissed the FEC Conciliation Agreement in which Guinta acknowledged guilt and agreed to pay a $15,000 civil penalty. “Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law,” Baldasaro declared. “[Frank Guinta] needs to stand his ground!”

Former Speaker Bill O’Brien and his supporters have been engaged in open warfare with Ayotte since she endorsed O’Brien’s opponent, Gene Chandler, in last year’s GOP contest for House Speaker.

Ed Mosca, former House counsel under then-Speaker O‘Brien, directly referenced the Chandler endorsement letter in his response. “The charges against Guinta are not enough to overturn an election and likely hand the seat to the Democrats,” Mosca blogged. “Story we really want is who is behind all this,” he tweeted. “So do tell. Same crowd that was behind letter endorsing Chandler?”

Freshman Rep. Max Abramson (R-Seabrook) – who made headlines earlier this year when Jasper removed him from the House Criminal Justice Committee and O’Brien came to his defense – responded by attacking the Republican speaker for meddling in “the internal affairs of Republicans.”

It’s the Democrat-appointed Speaker who should step down for wanton abuse of power and ongoing retaliation against Republican members of the House,” Abramson wrote on Facebook. “Jasper has no business interfering in the internal affairs of Republicans. We can handle this issue on our own.”

But while some conservative Republicans circled the wagons, others began looking to the future. “Should I run for U.S. Representative for NH 1st congressional district in 2016?” asked Rep. John Burt (R-Goffstown) in his first tweet. The “Draft John Burt for US HouseFacebook page soon followed.

These are the members of the House that voted in favor of H.R. 36, the 20-week abortion ban.

Bishop (MI)
Bishop (UT)
Brady (TX)
Brooks (AL)
Brooks (IN)
Carter (GA)
Carter (TX)
Clawson (FL)
Collins (GA)
Collins (NY)
Costello (PA)
Curbelo (FL)
Davis, Rodney
Duncan (SC)
Duncan (TN)
Ellmers (NC)
Emmer (MN)
Franks (AZ)
Graves (GA)
Graves (LA)
Graves (MO)
Heck (NV)
Herrera Beutler
Huizenga (MI)
Hurd (TX)
Hurt (VA)
Jenkins (KS)
Jenkins (WV)
Johnson (OH)
Johnson, Sam
Kelly (PA)
King (IA)
King (NY)
Kinzinger (IL)
McMorris Rodgers
Miller (FL)
Miller (MI)
Mooney (WV)
Murphy (PA)
Poe (TX)
Price, Tom
Rice (SC)
Roe (TN)
Rogers (AL)
Rogers (KY)
Rooney (FL)
Ryan (WI)
Scott, Austin
Smith (MO)
Smith (NE)
Smith (NJ)
Smith (TX)
Thompson (PA)
Walters, Mimi
Weber (TX)
Webster (FL)
Wilson (SC)
Young (AK)
Young (IA)
Young (IN)

Boehner doesn’t defend NH’s Rep. Guinta over contributions

WASHINGTON – House Speaker John Boehner stopped short Tuesday of defending embattled Rep. Frank Guinta, saying lawmakers must meet “the highest ethical standards” when asked if the New Hampshire Republican should remain in Congress. Boehner’s arms-length response was the latest sign from Guinta’s fellow Republicans that they’re not ready to dismiss the Federal Election Commission’s findings that the New Hampshire congressman accepted illegal campaign contributions from his parents. The case involves $355,000 that Guinta reported lending himself in 2010. He has denied that money came from his parents, but the commission said it did and fined him $15,000. By law there are limits on the amounts individuals can contribute to federal candidates in an election cycle. That cap is currently $2,700 per election, a figure that is adjusted for inflation every two years. Several top New Hampshire Republicans have suggested Guinta should step down.

Boehner doesn’t defend NH’s Rep. Guinta over contributions

Rep. Guinta (NH-01) faces resignation calls from GOP for violating campaign finance rules

Embattled New Hampshire Republican Congressman Frank Guinta is facing increasing pressure to step down after accusations he violated campaign finance rules.

Guinta was accused of violating individual contribution limits during his 2010 run for office by depositing $355,000 from his parents’ bank account into his campaign account.

O’Connor targets Guinta with direct mail

Political newcomer Shawn O’Connor is taking advantage of Congressman Frank Guinta’s self-inflicted woes with a direct mail piece introducing himself to voters as “the right candidate to send Frank Guinta home – for good.”

O’Connor, the test prep entrepreneur who is financing his campaign with $500,000 in personal funds, is the only announced Democratic candidate for Guinta’s first district seat. In an email to Miscellany Blue, campaign spokesperson Joshua Bruner noted the mailer has been in the works for over a month. The “timing was completely unrelated to the FEC’s conciliation agreement with Congressman Guinta,” he wrote.

Whether or not Guinta’s name will even be on the ballot for the next congressional election is, of course, an open question – as is the timing of that election.

Guinta has thus far resisted calls for his resignation from many of the state’s Republican elected officials. U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, the state’s highest ranking Republican, was the first to urge the congressman to step down after an FEC investigation determined Guinta funded his 2010 campaign with an illegal $355,000 contribution from his parents.

If Guinta does resign, a special election will be held to fill the vacancy. Democrat Carol Shea-Porter, who held the seat before losing to Guinta last year, has reportedly expressed interest. Boston Globe reporter James Pindell has identified 18 Republicans whose names are “floating around” in speculation that Guinta might not serve out his full term.

Frank Guinta is “Politically Radioactive” for Kelly Ayotte, Presidential Hopefuls

NHGOP Stands By Guinta as Two More Editorial Boards Calling for his Resignation 

The Problem Kelly Ayotte Created Isn’t Going Away for Her – or the Presidential Hopefuls She’s Auditioning For

Concord, N.H. – As Frank Guinta thanked New Hampshire Republican Party Chair Jennifer Horn and the NHGOP executive committee for their “continued support and confidence” in him, the Concord Monitor and Foster’s editorial boards became the latest New Hampshire papers to call on Frank Guinta to resign.

Meanwhile, the problem that Kelly Ayotte created by propping Guinta up throughout his years of lies isn’t going away for her – or the presidential hopefuls she’s been auditioning for across the country.

The Washington Post, which described Guinta as “politically radioactive,” reported that the problem is quickly spreading to Jeb Bush and Rick Perry, among others, who have donated time and money to Guinta’s campaigns.

See coverage roundup below:

WMUR: Guinta ‘humbled’ by NHGOP executive committee ‘support’

Rep. Frank Guinta said Tuesday he was humbled by what he viewed as the state Republican Party executive committee’s “continued support and confidence” in him in the wake of his settlement with the Federal Election Commission over campaign contributions that came from a bank account in his parents’ names.

… Guinta, in his first comment since the committee’s meeting, told in a statement, “I appreciate the executive committee for providing me the opportunity to speak with them, answer their questions and allay any of their concerns. I am humbled by their continued support and confidence in my ability to represent the constituents of the first congressional district and I look forward to continuing my work on behalf of the Granite State.” [Full story]

Washington Post: Scandal-plagued Frank Guinta reaped thousands from GOP presidential candidates

… So it’s no surprise that an otherwise rank-and-file congressman has earned outsized support and attention from potential Republican presidential contenders.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, business executives Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina — even Republicans who took a pass on the race like former ambassador John Bolton — have donated thousands of dollars or spent time campaigning for Guinta.

“I’ve talked to most, I think just about all of the potential presidential candidates either over the phone or in person,” Guinta said in an interview with The Washington Post in March. “I’m happy to give advice and guidance as potential candidates inquire.”

At the time, he credited Bush for his support and said that other potential presidential candidates had offered to help. “We’ll certainly take up those offers to help,” he said.

But now, Guinta is politically radioactive.

… Among presidential contenders, Bush has been most generous by far. He donated $5,200 through his super PAC, Right to Rise, in February. The donations to Guinta were announced on the same day he gave four-figure sums to other Republican lawmakers from New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina. He’s made dozens of donations to other GOP politicians in the months since. Bush also headlined a fundraiser for Guinta during a whirlwind tour of New Hampshire in March.

Bush also personally donated $1,000 to Guinta’s campaign last October. Filings with the Federal Elections Commission show that Bush listed himself as a “self-employed” giver from Coral Gables, Fla. when he made the donation on Oct. 14.

Trump also personally donated $1,000, according to campaign finance records. Perry’s RICKPAC gave Guinta $2,500 on Oct. 15. And a super PAC for Bolton, who announced last week that he won’t run for president, forked over $5,000 last September.

… Asked whether they are standing by Guinta, aides to Bush, Perry and Fiorina didn’t return requests for comment on Tuesday. A spokesman for Trump said their camp only learned about his troubles from the Post, but said: “We wish him well.”

But Bush is scheduled to visit New Hampshire on Wednesday and Thursday. Perry, Fiorina and others will be here soon. Given the rough-and-tumble nature of New Hampshire politics, no doubt they’ll be asked soon about Guinta. [Full story]

Concord Monitor Editorial: To best serve the state, Guinta must step down

It’s time to go, Frank. Politically, you’re a dead man walking. We apologize for what might seem like piling on, but we would be doing 1st District residents a disservice if we didn’t join the bipartisan chorus calling on you to resign.

We’ve been no fan of Congressman Guinta’s performance in Washington. When he came to the Monitor to meet with editors before his 2010 election, he presented himself as a mayor who attributed his success to his bipartisanship. Once in Washington, he was anything but bipartisan. In fact, he became known for his consistently extreme conservative positions. Being wrong, however consistently, does not disqualify a politician from holding office. Being dishonest does.

… For five years, Guinta ducked and dodged when asked about the money he claimed he had lent to himself. The feds didn’t buy it. He was ordered to repay his parents and pay a $15,000 fine. Guinta remains unrepentant. He mischaracterizes the FEC decision by pretending that he was fined for a mere “reporting error,” not for taking money illegally.

… Guinta’s dissembling demonstrates that he does not deserve the public’s trust. Character matters. By continuing in office, he is robbing 1st District residents of effective representation. He can’t be believed, and he won’t be trusted. For the good of the state and nation, he must step down. [Full editorial]

Foster’s Editorial: Calling on Rep. Guinta to resign

… At this point, Guinta only needs to apologize about one thing: Remaining in office.

… the FEC’s findings and Guinta’s own refusal to admit any wrongdoing — other than a clerical error or an error in judgment — even in the face of a five-year investigation that proved otherwise call into question the congressman’s honesty and integrity.

… What Guinta has woefully failed to do, however, is represent the morals and ethics of his constituents. The FEC findings tell us that our congressman cheated on his way to Washington the first time around. Do the people of New Hampshire want to be represented in Congress by a cheat?

… We join those asking for Guinta’s resignation. It no longer matters what Guinta has done for his constituents because he has lost our trust. And the longer he remains in Washington, the clearer it becomes that Frank Guinta is more concerned with serving himself than serving the voters who sent him there. [Full editorial]

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New Hampshire GOP Congressman Frank Guinta should resign immediately

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has ruled that U.S. Representative Frank Guinta of New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District violated federal campaign finance laws by accepting $355,000 in illegal campaign donations from his parents.

It’s 100% clear to me that Guinta should resign before you finish reading this blog post.

I have zero tolerance for those in positions of power who abuse the…

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Guinta stonewall strategy: Agree to wrongdoing, apologize, deny responsibility

Last night, the state Republican Party’s Executive Committee met to discuss Congressman Frank Guinta’s fate following his acknowledgment that he funded his 2010 campaign with an illegal $355,00 loan from his parents. The committee declined to join the bandwagon calling for Guinta’s resignation “unless further information comes to light.”

“The Congressman has acknowledged he made mistakes, takes responsibility for them and is taking all actions required by the Federal Election Commission,” their statement read. “Congressman Guinta is accountable to his constituents in the First District and has assured us he will continue to be available to answer their questions.”

We got a preview of how Guinta might answer those constituent questions yesterday from CQ Roll Call’s Matt Fuller, who nabbed the embattled congressman as he made his way from his Cannon office to the House floor. Fuller asked Guinta why he has apologized if he insists he did nothing wrong:

“My statement will speak for itself,” Guinta said, offering a variation of that line 15 times.

Repeatedly pressed that the statement doesn’t speak for itself — once again, it’s unclear what Guinta is apologizing for — Guinta continued to point to his earlier comment.

The closest thing CQ Roll Call got to an answer was when we asked if it was a lie that the money loaned to his campaign was his.

“Well if you look at the statement, that’s not accurate,” he said, meaning he stands by his declaration that, contrary to the FEC’s finding, the money he loaned his campaign was his.

So, again, what exactly is Guinta apologizing for?

He referred us to his statement.

Petition: Congressman Guinta Should Resign Over FEC Violations #GuintaResignWatch

“t is reasonable to conclude that the people of New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District are being represented by a fraud and a cheat,” wrote the editorial board of the Eagle Tribune in their blistering editorial, “Guinta’s campaign finance violations make him unfit for office.”

UNION LEADER Editorial Image

For five years now, Congressman Frank Guinta has been lying to the people of New Hampshire’s First Congressional District. In 2010, Guinta’s campaign finance reports showed an additional $355,000 deposit that he said was from a “savings account he forgot about.”

Ever the FEC questioned him about the $355,000 dollars he had lied to the public about it. First it was a clerical error, then it was his money, then it was from an account that he had an “equitable interest” in but was in his parents name, and now he says he will pay the largest FEC fine in the years to just make the complaint go away.

This morning the Union Leader is reporting that Guinta’s produced documents showing his “equitable interest” in the account but the numbers do not seem to be matching up.

“The documents only showed about $100,000 in deposits and did not include a Bank of America account he has repeatedly said was the source of the funds at the center of the investigation,” reported the Union Leader.

Congressman Guinta’s campaign must repay the $355,000 (to his parents) and pay the FEC $15,000 (large if FEC violation, but minor in reality).

“Guinta has betrayed the trust of the public that elected him. He ought to resign,” said the editorial board of the Eagle Tribune.

Congressman Guinta should resign his seat for violating campaign finance laws and for lying to the people for all of these years.

Please sign our petition calling for Guinta’s resignation.  The petitions will be printed and delivered to Congressman Guinta’s office on a date yet to be determined.

The Petition reads:

As a constituent of New Hampshire’s First District, I am calling for the resignation of U.S Rep Frank Guinta.

For five years Congressman Guinta has continued to lie to us and now that the FEC has proven that he violated campaign finance laws, I firmly believe that Congressman Guinta should resign his seat in Congress.

Working families in New Hampshire deserve better than Frank Guinta.

Time For Frank Guinta To Resign Read the petition

4 signatures Share this with your friends:


Here is a list of signatures:

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Democrat Shea-Porter ready to run again for Guinta’s seat

CONCORD – Former U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter said Thursday she is prepared to win back the seat she lost to Republican Frank Guinta now that the Federal Election Commission has found that he accepted illegal campaign donations from his parents. Shea-Porter, a Democrat, served for two terms in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District in southeastern New Hampshire before Guinta defeated her in 2010. She won in 2012, only to lose to him again last November. During the 2010 campaign, Guinta reported lending himself $355,000 and amended a disclosure form to add a previously unreported bank account, prompting questions from his Republican primary rivals and Shea-Porter.

Democrat Shea-Porter ready to run again for Guinta’s seat

Kelly Ayotte Talkes To NHPR On Guinta And Fast Track Trade Authority

Today Senator Kelly Ayotte spoke to NHPR’s Morning Edition.  She spoke at length about Congressman Guinta’s FEC violation and reaffirmed her call for his resignation by stating:

“Well, obviously this is his decision. I believe the right thing to do for him would be to step aside so that we can make sure that the focus is on serving the people of New Hampshire and not the findings of the FEC. And when it comes to things like this, I think it’s important to put the public trust first before any party concerns on this issue.”

NHPR continued to press Ayotte about some of the other things she is working on in Washington, like Fast Track trade authority.  This is what she had to say about that.

(NHPR) You joined Sen. Shaheen in voting in favor of so-called fast track trade authority for the president. This is a measure supported by President Obama, but actually opposed by many Democrats, who say ties the hands of Congress on trade deals.

Why is fast-track authority the right move?

It’s the right move because again it’s about New Hampshire jobs and creating more opportunities. We have seen in New Hampshire great opportunity for more exports. The stakes are high. Some of the pending trade agreements, the estimates are they could create as many as 8,000 new New Hampshire jobs. We have seen increases in exports and we can see even greater opportunities. Ninety-five percent of the consumers live outside of the United States, so the more we can break down some of the barriers that our companies have, and have more American trade to allow them to sell their great products overseas, I know that’s why I support it. This is one that the president supports, as well.

Audio Below or at

Obviously I disagree with Senator Shaheen and Senator Ayotte in voting for the Fast Track trade authority. The TPP is NAFTA on steroids and while it will open up other markets to US trade, it will also allow big multi-national corporations to move more of their manufacturing facilities out of the US and kill more jobs.

Hopefully we can get the people in the US House to do what is right for working families.

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Democrat Shea-Porter ready to run again for Guinta’s seat

CONCORD – Former U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter said Thursday she is prepared to win back the seat she lost to Republican Frank Guinta now that the Federal Election Commission has found that he accepted illegal campaign donations from his parents. Shea-Porter, a Democrat, served for two terms in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District in southeastern New Hampshire before Guinta defeated her in 2010. She won in 2012, only to lose to him again last November. During the 2010 campaign, Guinta reported lending himself $355,000 and amended a disclosure form to add a previously unreported bank account, prompting questions from his Republican primary rivals and Shea-Porter.

Democrat Shea-Porter ready to run again for Guinta’s seat

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Caserta in bilico: problemi con l’approvazione del bilancio

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